Where We’re At Now

As images of Irish Sport Horses fly through my mind, and constant thoughts of a certain ISH take up a lot of my time, I am having trouble focusing on the task at hand with my current horse. That task is to enter Rebecca Farms this summer and complete a Training Three Day event.

I’ve given Georgie about 4 weeks off since our last competition (where we came in second place in our division. GREAT ribbon).

I felt it was important for her to get time off and recoup from a summer of hard work. I am a focused and competitive rider for whom having a competition to prepare for keeps me focused and driven. With nothing on the horizon, I’ve gotten a bit lazy about getting back to work.

Now thats not to say Georgie has been sitting around languishing. We’ve done some beautiful, steep trail rides in some beautiful country.

But we haven’t exactly been working hard on the basics. We started up again today. I sort of thought maybe we would have forgotten everything and our lesson would be a nightmare. At first, Sarah, my instructor and NLLP (explanation later, but she’s one of my closest friends) had to yell at me and get me to pay attention. But after that things went really well. Georgie was GREAT. In the trot anyhow. The canter is still tough for us, but we’ve got months to practice. Yay! And as with every lesson I now have homework to keep me focused. Yay!

And while I will admit that I spent some of my lesson thinking how sad it will be to give Georgie up when we’ve made so much progress and she’s so fun to ride, I still think about getting a new horse and how it’s the right decision in the long term.

But, then, what is the long term goal? Where am I going with my riding? I don’t have an answer. Which is weird, because I think it’s a really important question to answer before getting a new horse. But I seem to make decisions without sound reasoning and things seem to work out. So maybe that trend will continue? Maybe? I admit that Kilkee, my last horse, was a total impulse decision. But look at her! How could I not have bought her? She looks SO good with a ribbon…

Anyway, she ended up being a great impulse decision. And I am in a different place in my riding than I was then, but I still don’t know what I want from my riding. So have no sound reasoning for any decisions I make. Which I am sure makes my friends roll their eyes.

I have a lot to figure out and a lot to think about. I am glad to be focused on Georgie again and moving forward with our work. I am excited for a fun Halloween show in a couple weeks. It will give me something to focus on and work towards. I am not sure the show will have any ribbons, but I am going to prepare like the ribbons are HUGE.





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