Meeting Jameson

So Meg and I made the trek up to Rathdrum Idaho to meet Jameson this past weekend.

She was so different than I expected, but I am so happy I made the trip up there. And not just because it gave Meg and I over 24 hours in which to talk and catch up.

She’s cute. She has a huge head. Which I kinda loved.

Jameson’s big head

But she was really far more green than I anticipated. She didn’t pull any funny business which was great. But she doesn’t stay round, she doesn’t go straight, and she doesn’t know what the outside rein aid means. But thats ok. She was willing and improved as the ride went on. The bummer is she is 11 years old, a bit too old to be green. The jumping was ok… I mean it was bad, but she was willing and able!

She had a kind,soft eye, and was actually far sweeter than I expected. When I first got on her, and felt all that pent up anxiety/nervousness/insecurity it kinda freaked me out. But we were willing to work through it, and by the end of the lesson I trusted her and really had fun.

I left completely undecided about her. So many pros. So many cons. I would say the biggest con is her age. The biggest thing in her favor is that she’s an Irish Sport Horse 🙂 And willing. And sweet.

I am currently mustering up the courage to low ball on the price and then seeing what else is out there. I need to see what $1500 can get me… So lots of greenies in my future!

Meanwhile Georgie and I continue to have a good time. Today we worked on not shortening to the jump. It went well! I am feeling things and understanding concepts more than I ever have which is a great feeling. Georgie is a willing and able partner too, which makes it all the more fun.

So onward we will go. I’ll keep thinking about Jameson and keep seeing whats out there!



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