It WAS a Fair Price

Coming back from seeing Jameson, my hope had been to offer her owner what I thought was a fair price and have him accept it. The fair price was far less than she was being offered. But it’s what I thought was fair.

He didn’t accept the offer. Even though I thought it was fair.
Which was surprising to me. And I can’t tell if I am surprised because I think he’s not going to get more, or if because I thought he would see that I rode her well and she seemed happy with me and that was what was best for the horse. But honestly, that’s me being a bit egotistical. Lots of people could ride her well. And perhaps someone will pay the asking fee for a green 12 year old horse who has done nothing.
Apparently I am still a little bitter.
So, if I were smarter I would have relaxed, taken a break from horse hunting and enjoyed a long and boring winter in the indoor preparing for our spring/summer season.
But after a horrible ride on Georgie last week, which was completely due to my neurosis and incompetence, I was back at the internet, distracting myself from the fact that apparently I had forgotten how to jump.
I came across a Thoroughbred adoption agency and checked out their mission and horses. Their mission sounded good- to give OTTBs a second chance at a career. They were an adoption agency, not a rescue agency- meaning they don’t take the abused, discarded and neglected horses, they take the adoptable ones from the track.
I really liked one of the horses they had posted named Zenya. She was cute, and even better, she had done quite a bit of groundwork and had been out and about getting used to the world. She’s only 4, so she hasn’t been jumped, and hasn’t been competed, but I honestly feel like a 4 year old shouldn’t have been ridden hard or jumped. And, she’s never raced, she was a dud apparently, which I kinda like too!

Zenya is really pretty
So, I contacted the organization and they got right back to me. Zenya is still available! So, now I need to fill out the application, get references, and go visit her in British Columbia, about an 11 hour drive. Sarah, Meghan I are going to try and go together which would be super fun. We’ll have to see if the timing works out.
I am really excited about her. And really excited to get a horse from an adoption agency. And really excited to remember how to jump again so Georgie and I can keep moving forward!



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