Another Day, Another Prospect

So, I mentioned to a few people that I might be looking for a new horse. And before I knew it I was getting names of people selling horses, working on feedlots, race track trainers, people who pull from racetracks etc. And I am really amazed at how many horses are out there that need homes. Some are rescues, but others are really nice off the track horses that have had some work. It makes me incredibly sad to see the horses on the feedlots and know I can’t help them. I am not in a position to take a gamble on an older horse, or a mom and baby. It makes me angry that people breed horses and then can’t afford to keep them and care for them.

Mom and baby. I found out today they have been purchased and are safe! Yay

But I have been in touch with some people who have some really nice OTTBs for sale. Their stories and prices range from straight off the track with no other training, to horses that have had time off from the track and have some solid training.

Next Monday I am going to head to the Boise area to meet a horse that fits in the latter category. I am excited to meet the horse and her owner, who seems like a genuine horsewoman that really loves OTTBs. Sarah is coming with me to, like Meghan, keep me from doing anything impulsive.

Diva, the OTTB I am going to check out on Monday. Cute!

And, if Diva isn’t the one, I will make my way up to Canada to try and meet Zenya, who I am also really excited about. And if Zenya isn’t the one, well, I am getting the feeling that the one is definitely out there….

And in Georgie land, things continue to progress. We had a great jump lesson in the indoor arena, even though the jumping in the indoor stresses me out. Those corners! Today it will be back to dressage, as she has been a bit quirky in her connection lately. We went to McCall this weekend and participated in a low key show where we jumped around at 2’7 and enjoyed the easy height and speed. It helped me remember to work on my position rather than focus completely on the jumps. I do love that grey mare.
She looks really good in a sash. Hopefully we can win one one day..
This one was just a loaner….



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