Adult Decisions

Being an adult is stupid. Making mature decisions makes me annoyed. I want what I want and hate when I can’t have it. I think most people feel that way but won’t actually admit it.

Today I met Diva and got a chance to ride her and get to know her a bit. She’s a great horse. Amazing temperament and a willing and able partner.

Sarah went and met her with me, which was lovely, so I could have a professional opinion. Sarah really liked her too. She’ll need some time to grow into her long legs and neck, but she was a solid youngster.

On the drive home we discussed how nice she was. And quite honestly, I was thinking that I would purchase her. Which is when Sarah asked me how I was going to afford to keep her all winter until my lease with Georgie was up.

And my blood pressure rose. And I began to stutter. Because I really didn’t have an answer to that question, and the prospect of paying for another horse scared me. REALLY scared me. I went through all the “cheap” options, but none of them were really cheap, considering it costs a lot of money to feed and properly care for a horse. And the last thing I need is to stress about money even more. I should be saving up for next season’s events, not wonder how I am going to pay for them. I’ve been talking about the Training 3 Day at Rebecca for over a year. That needs to be my mental and financial priority.

So, I made the stupid adult decision not to buy Diva. And I am NOT happy about it. I am pouting. Which means I am not THAT much of an adult I guess.

In other news, as Sarah and I came to the conclusion that she is NOT allowed to let me look at any other horses until summer, I got a phone call from a certain Irish Sport Horse owner. He’s ready to negotiate the price. I think I laughed out loud. Could his timing have been more perfectly wrong? I haven’t called him back, but will. I just need to be an adult and be patient and not succumb to fantasies of Irish Sport Horses hauling me around cross country.

So, welcome to adulthood. I guess it will get better with time.





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