Is This the End?

A little bit of drama in the title, huh?

Well I feel it is well deserved. I had a lesson Monday and when Sarah asked me to canter, it hurt so much I started to cry. Or maybe I started to cry because the thought of cantering was so incredibly painful.

So, I am on a hiatus from horseback riding until I figure out what is going on with my back.

But I have some good news. I have found someone to ride her 2-3 days a week! So crisis averted. Kinda. I am having a moderately difficult time watching someone else ride her while I “recover.” I am really not good at watching from the sidelines. Stupid back.

Meanwhile, Stella and Squirrel have been particularly cute, so I am posting pics of them. Here’s to happier posts in the future and more cute pictures of Stella and Squirrel!


Nadia and Georgie


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