The Good with the Bad

It’s been a week of major ups and downs.

The ups involve me starting physical therapy and starting to feel better. Feeling better led to me hopping on my grey mare. We walked and trotted around like pros and from what I saw in the mirror it was looking pretty amazing.

Then today I took Georgie and the dogs out for a hack around the property.

IMG_2300You’ll notice her beautiful manure stains on her neck. She’s such a pig. Even with a blanket and hood she still gets manure on her neck. SUCH A PIG. But I love her. And riding her was magical. Magical I tell you! And my back didn’t hurt! Not much anyway…

The lows this week were low low low. My sweet Squirrel’s mammary cancer has spread and we may not have her around for much longer. She has been feeling well the last few days and I hope the trend continues. She was able to run along with us today and you can tell she’s going really really fast.


That’s her- the little blip on the right hand side. Going really fast.

Here’s to more highs and less lows.

And more time spent with the animals I love.


Nadia and Georgie


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