Another Bump in the Road

So, this wasn’t how this blog was supposed to go. It was supposed to be about finding my next horse and chronicling the progress with my current horse Georgie.

But instead it seems to be about the bumps we are encountering along the road. This time the bump is Georgie’s. Last week I noticed a mild cough when I walked and trotted her around. Nothing really worth mentioning, although I did mention it to Sarah. The next day, in Pony Club, Georgie has a bit of a cough still, but she also had some thick yellow discharge coming from her nose. Gross.

A call to the vet and exam later and she appears to have a bacterial infection causing an upper respiratory infection. YAY! The good news is she feels great. So great in fact that in our casual walk around the property to get her out of her stall she decided to rear and take off for a gallop.


But I am glad she at least feels good. I was hopeful to hop on her today but her snotty nose was in full grossness and she had a whopper of a coughing fit when I put her on the lunge line. So, another vet visit (her lungs sound great! And the vet had never seen her looking so good!) and more antibiotics. And a steroid.



This was back when we both felt good!

In the meantime I hopped on a little Quarter Horse Sarah is working with named Link. Very young and green and I have lots to learn about green horses. But I actually cantered him and it was ok! He has a nice canter that didn’t hurt my back too much. Yay! A step in the right direction. Onward we go, to hopefully happier and healthier days ahead!


Here’s to getting illness behind us!


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