George,Georgie and More Excitement

Week Two of Georgie’s respiratory infection and I was feeling pretty down. She didn’t seem to be getting any better. However my back is beginning to feel better. And by “feel better” I mean that I am not in constant pain. Just near constant discomfort.

So, Sarah had offered to let me ride adorable Link. And it was fun to ride a green horse that one time. Yeah, just one time. Cause he got sick after I rode him. (Ok, he was coughing during our ride and had a snotty nose, but I was told it was ok to ride him. Apparently it wasn’t.)

So, back feeling better, I’m chomping at the bit and have no horse to ride.

And along came George. Ok, it wasn’t magical, I asked Meghan if I could ride him. And she reluctantly said yes. Reluctantly because he is 20 years old and the most uncomfortable horse to ride.

But ride him I did! And his canter, which is incredibly odd, didn’t hurt my back! YAY!


Thanks George! You’re cute!

So, feeling pretty amazing and looking to push my luck, I decided to lunge Georgie. (Having George/Georgie in the blog is a little confusing right?)

She coughed once and then was over it! We trotted and cantered (for 2 circles) and she seemed to feel pretty good. A call to the vet to let them know the good news and Georgie has been cleared for light work. YIPPEEE!

Which is especially great cause I feel like I have been cleared for light work as well. We’ll see. I imagine she will have a snotty nose tomorrow or I won’t be able to walk. Nothing like positive thinking!

Hopefully from here on out it’ll be smooth sailing. And lots of ribbons!

Out on a walk. She's cute!

Out on a walk. She’s cute!

So on to a New Year and happy days!!


Nadia and Georgie

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One thought on “George,Georgie and More Excitement

  1. idahomebekka says:

    Yay for Georgie! & George is totally so super cute too.


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