Getting the New Year Scheduled!

My back continues to feel better and just in time! Sarah sent out the Bell Mountain schedule Friday and it lists all the shows, clinics and fun events that are planned for the year so far.

Just like winning ribbons, planning my horse schedule is like crack for me. Nothing makes me happier than getting my calendar out and seeing what’s happening in the coming year!! My calendar is starting to look busy!

It starts with a “grid jump day” this Saturday. This will be a great intro back to jumping for Georgie and I to do together. Prior to injuring my back Georgie and I had been working on getting her not to shorten in the stride or two right before the jump. This is a habit she has always had, but that I have supported in my riding style. And now we’re ready to fix it! Here’s a video of me riding her forward to the jump and not allowing her to shorten. Sarah placed poles on the ground to encourage her not to change.

A grid will be great for us because once we’re in there, we’re committed and we’d better figure it out! I’m really excited and so is Georgie. It should be the first step to getting back to where we were!

A part of me feels the need to admit that on New Year’s Day I spent part of the morning arranging my show ribbons. It was great. Especially since I just received an ENORMOUS ribbon in the mail. Yup, I’m the champion in the Training division of the Idaho Derby series. Pretty amazing, I know. The ribbon is something I have coveted for years. It is ridiculous, I know. But it’s who I am.


Now to work hard so maybe I can add to the collection!

Here’s to a New Year, a new level of commitment and health and happiness for everyone!


Nadia and Georgie

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