Up and Down and All Around

I swear that one day, these posts are going to get way more exciting. Winter in Idaho is so tough for so many reasons. For one thing, it is really long. Snow and cold temps typically last until April or May. Or June or July. So it is a LOT of riding in the indoor. Doing trot sets to keep my horse fit in the indoor are really really rough. I cannot wait to be back out on the trails! So, stick with me, and know that one day life and my blog posts, will get way more exciting.

But for now we are working towards competing in a local dressage schooling show. And by local, I mean at my barn. So we have been doing a lot of dressage work. Which maybe is starting to make Georgie resent me. She is an event pony after all, not a dressage pony.


This is how Georgie feels about all this dressage.

Here are the highlights of our lesson today:

1) Georgie was a brat. She spooked when someone entered the arena as if instead of being a human it was a monster that loved to eat bratty grey horses.

2) When I put her right back to work and tried to ignore the most obnoxious spook ever she decided to start rearing and going upward instead of forward. To which Sarah said “Lets move on so that she doesn’t go over backwards.”

3) Sarah was also very happy with the work we’ve made in our canter. I think it’s because my back is getting stronger, and Georgie is getting stronger. Yay!

I do love Georgie, and I think we’ll both be excited to get back to jumping some more and mixing it up a bit again.


Me attempting to whip Georgie into shape. It didn’t work. She just wanted to crib.

Fingers crossed for success at the dressage schooling show!


Nadia and Georgie


2 thoughts on “Up and Down and All Around

  1. I had a cribber too. He lived to the ripe old age of 26. He was a fabulous horse. I think they are the extra smart ones and have to keep thier mind busy. Great post.

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