Dressage is for Germans and Old Ladies.

So about ten days ago we had the much anticipated dressage schooling show at our barn. It was standing room only, with horses floating across the arena and doing beautiful movements only seen in the upper levels of dressage. Ok, maybe not. At all. But it was fun and was a great step back into competing for Georgie and I. We had one test that was a Training Level Dressage test and it was fun and relaxed. In our Training Eventing test we had a lengthen in the trot and canter that is always tough for us. And I forgot the test near the end, despite having done it a MILLION times. I was so concerned with learning the other test that I never practiced or tried to remember this one, since I had done it a MILLION times. It was stupid and embarrassing but did not result in me going to the emergency room. (That’s a story for another day.) Our scores reflected the tests we had and Georgie and I agreed with all the judge had to say!

The take home message was this: I need to get Georgie moving more laterally and longitudinally¬† in order for our lengthens to happen. So, that’s what we are working on. That, and my damn leg position in jumping.

Today’s lesson was two fold. 35 minutes of position work, 20 minutes of free jumping Georgie to see if she uses her body any better when I am not on her.

Wait. I have to keep working even though you took my tack off?

Wait. I have to keep working even though you took my tack off?

She does not use her body any better over the jumps when I am not on her. That’s all I will say about that, but you’ll notice how it was worded.

My position is SLOWLY getting better. We have another grid jump day Saturday and I am SUPER excited. I can’t wait to practice my position even more!!! And pant and be out of breath and pretend I am not because there will be teenagers I need to look cool around.

Georgie still definitely has attitude. She may have pinned her ears, dropped her head and beelined towards me when she decided not to jump and instead run around like a maniac. But I didn’t take it personally. She also whipped around and double barreled at Sarah (from a safe distance) when she felt like it. And people love mares. It’s weird. But I do love her and am getting super excited for event season!!!

Yup, she's got attitude

Yup, she’s got attitude

So here’s to more fun, a stronger back and loving every minute of it!


Nadia and Georgie

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