The Importance of Enjoying the Ride

Growing up, I spent my weekends fox hunting on Saturdays and hunter pacing on Sundays. Which meant that my rides during the week consisted of getting the horses out for trail rides and getting them conditioned. Therefore, quiet rides out in the countryside hold a very special place in my memory. Idaho winters don’t allow for a lot of rides out in the countryside, but the unusually warm temps we’ve been having made it possible for Georgie and I to get out for a bit of a hack yesterday. It reminded me how important it is for both of our mental states to get out of the arena and back out for a ride where we aren’t working on anything, and instead are just enjoying being out there together. Being a competitor, that idea can get lost sometimes.

Ears forward and enjoying being outside

Ears forward and enjoying being outside

Today it was back to work in our weekly lesson. We worked on dressage and specifically getting Georgie straight and using her neck to it’s full potential. We also did some work on haunches in which was TOUGH but also fun to feel and work on. Let’s just say we’re not ready for a second level dressage test, but we have a lot more respect for those who are. Georgie worked hard and gave me 100% which is all I ask for. She’s a great pony and I am a lucky girl!

momma, that was HARD work!

momma, that was HARD work!


Nadia and Georgie

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