Why You Should Never Say Can’t To Your Trainer

One spinal injection down and hopefully just one more to go! I haven’t been allowed to ride at all, but I’ve got some pretty great friends who’ve been willing to ride Georgie and a trainer who is happy to ride her in my lessons for me.

Since I can't ride I've been doing a lot of this....

Since I can’t ride I’ve been doing a lot of this….

This past Monday, for my lesson, Sarah was going to jump Georgie. I’ve learned that if Sarah and Georgie actually get to the jumping part of the lesson that’s FANTASTIC, because there’s lots to work on prior to jumping, and Sarah expects perfection. 

The lesson started as they usually do. Sarah would ask for something, and Georgie would do it. Sarah would ask for something a bit out of Georgie’s comfort zone and Georgie would have a fit.

This is what Georgie looks like when she is throwing a fit. Except slightly less graceful, and more pissed off

This is what Georgie looks like when she is throwing a fit. Except slightly less graceful, and more pissed off

The canter is always really fun. Georgie REALLY throws a fit when asked to collect and go forward and be straight all at once. Oh, and just a word of caution. I AM going to use the word collection, despite a bit of a visceral response to the word. Just know I am using the term as it pertains to Georgie, not as it pertains to a Grand Prix horse.

So, round and round they went. And then I stupidly said “So, she can’t be adjustable in the canter and be collected yet, huh?”  And Sarah looked at me and yelled “YES SHE CAN!” And at that moment I knew to shut up for the rest of the lesson and watch Georgie be adjustable and collected.

It took a little while and some more arguing, but then Georgie gave in. And it was beautiful and magical. I didn’t get a single photo because I was standing there with my mouth wide open, catching flies. Trying to watch what Sarah was doing, but her movements were so subtle and well executed I hardly saw anything.  But let me tell you, her poll was up, her hind end was engaged and she was going forward into a lengthened canter (by her standards) coming back to an “on the spot” canter without any fuss over and over. And then Sarah stopped and looked at me and said ” I don’t think we are going to jump today.” And I closed my mouth, only to open it again and say “That was magical.”

So maybe you SHOULD say can’t to your trainer. Because unlike you, they are going to get the results they know are possible. And show us amateurs what is possible with our horses. Sure, it took a little arguing, but Georgie learned that if she gives in and does what is asked, her lesson lasts 15 minutes less than if she just wants to fight the entire time. And I know and trust Sarah, and know she would never ask something of Georgie that Georgie isn’t ready to do. But she is willing to push Georgie out of her comfort zone, past the hissy fit and into something magical.

I can’t wait to ride my magical horse again!

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4 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Say Can’t To Your Trainer

  1. That sounds so lovely (the magical part lol)! Definitely want to see pictures :).
    What are the spinal injections for? Sounds intense!


    • nadsnovik says:

      I’ll work on getting pictures! But perhaps it was all a dream 😉
      I am getting injections for a herniated disc in my low back which is causing lots of pain… Hopefully after two injections I will be good to go. Keep you posted!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Just don’t say it when you’re the one in the irons. 😉


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