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As an active participant in lessons, events, and clinics, I never really found the time to also watch other people’s lessons, clinics and event warm ups. Which is a bummer, because I am learning now that watching other horses and people is SO beneficial. Sure, I’d watch clinics when a big name came to town, but watching lessons that have horses similar to yours (or completely opposite of yours) and knowing what those riders are personally working on, makes the experience so much better! Why haven’t I made more time to do this?? Thank you back for not allowing me to ride and giving me the time to observe! Sort of…

The week started with Sarah riding Georgie in a jump lesson where she never jumped (see previous post), then another lesson where they did get to jump. It was awesome to see the progression from the two lessons. One thing I really love about Georgie is that she is a quick learner. Yes, she still had a fit, but guess what- it was in the trot, not the canter. Her canter was lovely, because she learned from the last lesson it was easier not to fight. One day she will be able to generalize this idea, but we aren’t there yet. Georgie had some lovely jumps, and lovely corners, something we really struggle with. She would land, compress, not careen through the corners, continue a collected canter and then go on when Sarah asked and then do it all over again. It was really fun to watch and see her figure it out and Sarah help her along.

They also worked on straightness and looking pretty. Here, Georgie is achieving both pretty well

They also worked on straightness and looking pretty. Here, Georgie is achieving both pretty well

When they got to jumping, Georgie listened well to Sarah’s aids and was the most uphill I have seen her. Yay!

Love filters. And my pony.

Love filters. And my pony.

And then on Saturday Sarah held a grid day clinic. At the start of the day, Sarah rode one of her client’s horses and I assisted with setting jumps. I also got to watch and learn which was awesome because this horse has some similarities to Georgie and it was great to see Sarah work through the issues. It was also great because since it was just the two of us, Sarah spent time explaining what she was doing and what the horse was doing so I could really see what was working and what was still a work in progress. I stuck around for one more lesson before I had to get to work. One of the riders has a lovely green OTTB, and watching them was of particular interest to me, as I have considered getting a fresh off the track TB and wanted to see what I might be getting into… It was a great lesson to watch and learn. The grid was not as straightforward as they have been in the past and it was interesting watching both horses and riders figure out the questions.

As the observer, I was also the videographer and photographer

As the observer, I was also the videographer and photographer. Too bad my skills are lacking in both departments.

While I hope that soon I won’t be only watching lessons, I am so happy to have gotten my head out of my ass and taken the time to watch and learn! I think I will be such a better rider for it! One more spinal injection tomorrow, and then I am hoping my week ends with some exciting news. Also, entries are due for our first recognized event of the season on March 26th. But I already got my entry in to Sarah weeks ago. Hey, I’ve got to stay positive!


Nadia and Georgie

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  1. Fingers crossed for your injection.

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