Playing Catch up, Dressage, Jumping and Saying Goodbye

It’s been a crazy week.

First jump lesson in a week. Nothing hurt. That’s right, my back was back to normal. Woah.

Hugs and happiness at the end of the ride.

Hugs and happiness at the end of the ride.

First ass kicking dressage lesson in a long time. My back was angry, but I was so excited to have my ass kicked and be treated like a regular rider without making compensations for my back.

Spent a week in New Orleans for work (rough I know).

And then today happened.

It was the day of our barn’s final Test of Choice dressage show. A large arena was going to be set up so I signed up to do the Training Level Three Day Event test. Ya know, in preparation for the Training Three Day I hope to do at Rebecca Farms with Georgie this July.

I was underprepared for the test. 10 meter circles? leg yields? Um, ok. We did a Training level test in the small arena and ya know what? It went pretty well for someone who hasn’t ridden most of this winter. We were relaxed and consistent and pretty accurate. My favorite comment from the judge? “Hopefully one day she will learn to have a lengthen at the trot.” Yeah, I’m hoping for that one day too…

The Three Day test was fun and fine. We have so much to work on, but it was great to ride in the large arena, practice leg yields and remember that a 10 meter circle goes to the centerline…not the 3/4 line. (Is that a thing? May have made that up, but I think you know what I mean.)

Georgie was such a good girl. And guess what? We were the winners for the day! And even better… we were series champs! Woot Woot! Another pretty ribbon!!! Gotta love ribbons!

Sitting in the big girl's chair with my ribbons and horse treats  I won for Georgie.

Sitting in the big girl’s chair with my ribbons and horse treats I won for Georgie.

On the other hand… it was a sad day as well. You know that horse that kinda kicks it into high gear for you? The horse you progress on and realize you REALLY want to be a rider? For me, that horse was Mouse, an Appendix I had in high school and college. Today at the age of 33, Mouse was sadly laid to rest. God, he was a great horse. Those Quarter Horse/TB crosses will always have a special place in my heart and I would be lucky to get another horse with as much heart as Mouse. I found some old pictures I had of him in college. Yes, I am wearing full leather chaps. And yes, I am not wearing  helmet but these pics are old (as you can tell from the quality) and I have learned a lot since then 😉

Mouse, you’ll always hold a special place in my family’s hearts, and I’m so happy you came into my life.


My gruella gelding.


The first horse I took dressage lessons on. He was patient and willing.


No, I can’t take pics of pics. But look at that long neck! Georgie is jealous!

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2 thoughts on “Playing Catch up, Dressage, Jumping and Saying Goodbye

  1. RIP Mouse. Always hard to lose the special ones.

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  2. Congrats!! Sounds like a great show and glad your back is feeling better! RIP Mouse! What a cool horse!

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