The Best Way to Get Fit Enough To Ride…

Is to ride.

Or so I am learning.

So, after taking off however much time to let my back heal I have thrown myself right back into riding at the level where I left off. Which was training for Training level eventing. Yeah, I am in like ground poles shape. I’ve NEVER taken this much time off from exercising and it is the WORST starting over.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve never been thin. But I have always been fit. I’m that girl who goes for a run before my dressage test. It helps me de-stress while also gets my legs warmed up. Maybe weird, but it works. I thought I would retain some level of fitness but I guess at my age when you are a lazy slob for over 30 days, your body only retains fat.

Not me. But might as well be.

Not me. But might as well be.

So, I’m starting from scratch. And I am finding that it sucks. In my jumping lesson we did a constant repetition of jumps on a circle. Trying to get the same line and strides each time. It wasn’t that pretty, but what was worse is I had to stop and catch my breath. It got to the point that my legs were so ineffective and jelly like that it was just stupid to keep going. Plus I was completely out of breath. And it wasn’t because I was holding my breath. Which I have been known to do.

So, I have 5 weeks to get back into Training level shape. Fortunately, I conditioned Georgie Sunday and she is in Training level shape, so thank goodness for that. At least only one of us will be huffing and puffing at the end of xc.

In addition to lots of time doing trot sets in my jump tack I’ve also re-started Barre Class, Spin Class and hiking our amazing mountains. I know I can do this, and I am always up for a challenge. In every activity I am so thankful that I can be active again!

Again not me, but the interweb has great photos to steal.

Again not me, but the interweb has great photos to steal.

What about you? Any hints or suggestions on how to get back into riding shape? Any things that have worked well for you? I can use any advice I can get!

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One thought on “The Best Way to Get Fit Enough To Ride…

  1. Well, yay Georgie being in shape! That’s a start.

    And I don’t know. I spent all winter hiding in a cave and I’m hideously unfit right now.

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