What I’m Doing When I’m Not Stalking Rolex

Let’s be honest. we’re all just checking blogs for Rolex updates and info, and the rest can wait until Monday. But seeing as I watched every video I could think of pertaining to the 4* I figure I have no excuse not to do some writing of my own.

It’s actually been a really big week, so lets get started!

I’ve been leasing Georgie for almost two years now, and as much as love her, and as amazing as she is, I am having a hard time with the lease part. I’m not going to go into why, but I will say it is hard to continue to develop a relationship knowing it is going to end. Do I really want to become more invested in this relationship only to say goodbye in the end? I actually think that’s the plot of the movie The Longest Ride that I will admit to having seen…

So, I got serious about trying some other horses. And I got serious about riding again. And I had a bit of freak out thinking about not having Georgie next year even though she would still be available. I rode her one day and couldn’t get over how fun it was to ride her. She’s come so far and honestly, I know there is so much more for me to learn with her.

So, I spoke with her owner and negotiated some things and decided to keep her another year. Apparently I am willing to put my heart on the line in order to keep her in my life. (Which is what happens in that cheesy movie as well…)

Galloping off to our future. ;)

Galloping off to our future. 😉

So, for those of you who don’t know me, you don’t know how anal I am about schedules. I have had my show schedule on my calendar since January. Ok, December. And now I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and change that schedule!! What has come over me???? While my goal for the summer was to compete in the Rebecca Farms Training Three Day, that was because I thought that come August I wouldn’t have Georgie anymore. Now that that has changed, I THINK I am going to push back the Three Day and do it in the fall. But we’ll see, apparently I like to change things around to keep it
interesting… (I can’t believe I was able to type that blatant lie. I am flipping out about having changed things.)

So, here’s what I learned this week:

I love Georgie.

I love Georgie so much that I am willing to keep leasing her despite what leasing entails emotionally.

I really love eventing.

Now, lets get back to Rolex!

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2 thoughts on “What I’m Doing When I’m Not Stalking Rolex

  1. The USEF feed is skipping all over the place and driving me absolutely MAD.

    So I’m reading blogs. Any chance of making things permanent with G?

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    • nadsnovik says:

      Did you do on demand? The xc portions of Maya Black’s ride kept skipping to someone cleaning the camera. Made me laugh and also REALLY frustrated.
      Sadly Georgie’s person loves her so much and has had her since she was a baby. I believe that once she returns from working overseas she’ll want her to herself again. Georgie is a lucky girl to be loved by so many!


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