The Week Before a Show

So, typically isn’t the week before a show fraught with bad lessons, frantic packing and loads and loads of tack cleaning? Or, maybe thats just what happens to me?

While there was lots of tack cleaning and frantic packing, my rides on Georgie actually went quite well. It helped that while I was out of town for work my trainer rode her. Apparently they had a really good ride and for the first time EVER I got an email about the ride and there was nothing negative. Now, that in no way means my horse is perfect. It just means that we are succeeding at what we are working on. Which is a really great thing!

Georgie has some limits in dressage. She has ZERO lengthen in the trot (but I still make her quicken in the test just in case the judge mistakes it for a lengthen. Not surprisingly the judge never does fall for that trick) and she doesn’t like to stretch her neck much. I know that one has to do with the other, and it is something we are working on daily. Her neck is short and all muscle. Which is impressive, but not necessarily helpful all the time. We typically score middle of the pack in dressage and despite our improvements recently, I’ll be happy with a low 30s score.

Little neck, big butt. She kinda looks like a QH here...

Little neck, big butt. She kinda looks like a QH here…

We had a jump lesson this past Saturday and I expected it to go badly, as stadium jumping is really my bugaboo. Sarah had a brilliant idea to work on tight corners and getting Georgie forward after the turn and not dwelling to the jump. We like to dwell and hang out loping along. She told me to think of the first jump as a table, not just a mere vertical, and told me to attack it. It worked, and I am pretty sure I will hear Sarah yell “table” as I enter the arena. Lets hope I can come through on show day!

Here’s a video from earlier in the lesson. Little blurry. And lots of talking.

We head out tomorrow and there is a great group of people going, so I am VERY excited. Sit tight for what I hope is an exciting next update!


Nadia and Georgie

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2 thoughts on “The Week Before a Show

  1. Awww Georgie looks wonderful!! I feel the same craziness when we are getting ready for shows. I lose a lot of sleep, but truth be known I love the anticipation almost as much as the execution! Good luck!!


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