Equestrian Institute Horse Trials Recap: Part 3

So clearly I was riding that xc high for a bit. Or all night and into the next day. But we had stadium jumping to attend to. I did my best to make sure Georgie stayed clean, but she still managed to get two green spots.

We like purple

We like purple

I walked the course a couple of times and liked it.It had nice flow and the footing was great.  It did have two one stride combinations, which I am not sure is allowed at Training? I thought you could have two two strides or one triple? Anyhow, Georgie and I weren’t too worried about it, we seem pretty comfortable in combinations lately.

So, I need to get over my hatred of the jump warm up. This one seemed especially ridiculous, it was tiny and crowded and not fun at all. But somehow, Georgie didn’t seem to mind it. We jumped our warm up jumps, Sarah said “You’re jumping great.” (which never happens) and we headed over to the course.

I worked on keeping Georgie in front of my leg, and trying to ride to the base of the jumps. I was right about the flow, there weren’t any tough corners and I could ride my lines pretty well. We had a bit of a sticky approach to the first one stride (see above comment) but I pushed Georgie on and we got out fine. The last four jumps went well, and we went double clean for the first time together at a recognized event! The ride also meant we ended on our dressage score, another first for us!

Ending on our dressage score moved us from 11th all the way to 4th! As a ribbon whore, I was pretty excited to be getting a BIG ribbon, and it was a pretty white and blue color!

woot woot

woot woot

All in all, I’m super proud of how we did at our first outing. I feel comfortable at this level, and ready to keep improving. My back is feeling better and better (I did get another injection right before the show) and I am hopeful my health issues are a thing of the past.

Next event is Rebecca Farms, so we have lots of work to do before then. I love this sport and am so lucky to experience it with such a great partner!


Nadia and Georgie

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  1. AWESOME!!! Congrats. 🙂

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