Patriotic Barrels and Slowing Down

So, back to the real world. A job, and responsibilities beyond my horse and knowing my dressage test. It’s always tough coming back after an event, but it’s also nice to be home, and sort through the memories.

Georgie and I won’t be competing in a recognized event until Rebecca Farms in late July, so we’ve got time to enjoy riding again and maybe relax a little. Or not. I signed up for an Allison Springer clinic mid July and we want to bring our A game. I mean, we didn’t spend that much money only to have Allison think we are under prepared.

That said, today we had a little bit of fun. In the absence of real jumps in the arena, Georgie and I hopped over some barrels, and worked on adjustability between poles. It was fun and silly and beneficial all at once. Georgie didn’t look twice at the barrels, and I am not sure why that surprised me at this point.  She was a bit resistant to bend, which also shouldn’t surprise me at this point. But come Monday we’ll get back to being serious. For now it’s red white and blue barrels and just enjoying the moment.

pretty straight! And those mountains!

pretty straight! And those mountains!



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One thought on “Patriotic Barrels and Slowing Down

  1. melandmcbe says:

    wow that is an incredible backdrop to ride against!

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