My Obsession With Breastplates

It seems like most horse people have particular brands and styles of tack that they are faithful to. Sometimes the wallet dictates what you can and cannot live without, at least that’s the case in my world. For me, I am not too particular about what brand I ride in, and really the only thing I find myself obsessing over, are breastplates.

There are so many different styles and types and I have yet to find “the one.” Here are my thoughts, to which you can agree or disagree or share your own thoughts.

I grew up riding in a plain old leather breastplate. I believe this is called a hunting breastplate, which makes sense because I spent many years fox hunting in it. It was what I bought when I got into eventing, as it was what I was familiar with. But then I saw all the options! And I started to try some out. And the obsession was born.

I think 5 points are a unneccesary fad. There, I said it. Do you really need all that leather and fuzz and for the breastplate to attach in that many places??? Maybe you do, but after trying one, I decided I did not. So I got rid of mine (which didn’t fit Georgie well and was super heavy, so that didn’t increase my chances of liking it either.)

Then there is the elastic breastplate, which I currently have. Nothing fancy, nothing special, but totally functional.


Freedom of shoulder movement and does what it is supposed to.

But it just wasn’t enough for me. So, I started looking again…

A friend let me borrow her Nunn Finer breastplate with elastic and I really loved it! It was classic looking and functional. But it’s also quite expensive, at least for my budget. I decided to start saving.


Classic, functional and pretty!

And then I got the Bit of Britain catalog. And I saw a Jumper Breastplate. And I became intrigued. I always poo pooed the German Elastic Breastplate (the single strap along the chest), but this one has a strap over the withers and attaches to the girth billets which makes it so much better! (In my mind anyhow..) And I found myself obsessing over it.

So pretty! And not very expensive!

So pretty! And not very expensive!

And then my Eventing magazine arrived and there was Michael Jung on the cover riding in one. Obviously it was a sign!

I was sold. I found a great deal on one and bought it. Not that I need it and I have no idea if I will like it, but I figured I might as well try. I’ll let you know what I think and I would love any feedback from any of you on breastplates that you love!

So, now you know my obsession. And hopefully you completely understand!

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One thought on “My Obsession With Breastplates

  1. No judgement here. I’ve had pretty much every brand and style. Currently, I keep a nunn finer hunting breastplate without elastic and a cwd bridge/3 point stule breastplate. And yeah, five points are just way too many straps for me to get excited about. 😉 I had a really nice one. I sold it.

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