Elusive Rebecca

For at least three years I’ve been unable to go to The Event at Rebecca Farms due to a work conflict. I’ve never been and I’m always incredibly envious when the rest of my friends pull out and head to Montana. It’s a true destination event and at only nine hours away, it’s one of our closest!

So, for the last few years as everyone has talked about Rebecca, I have just acted like it’s no big deal that I never go. In my head though, I’m pissed. Pissed at work, pissed at the event landing on the date of my work’s biggest fundraiser and pissed that no one seems to care that I am pissed. My friend Meg and I usually go on a trail ride entitled “This is better than Rebecca.” It isn’t better, but it’s still fun.

Our horses need not be clean for OUR ride.

Our horses need not be clean for OUR ride.

But this year all that changes. I asked for the date off last year, the minute the omnibus had the event’s dates listed. And work understood how important it was for me to go and gave me the time off! And Meg is coming too! So she won’t have to go on a trail ride all by herself! So, this year I am talking about it non stop, blogging about it and preparing myself so that we can be competitive there.

We’ll see on that last part. Top riders from around the country are coming, but hopefully Georgie and I can hold our own in the Training division. I opted out of the Training Three Day at Rebecca, but last night I committed myself to the Training Three Day at Galway at the end of October. Verbally at least. So, time to start saving and working on my sitting trot!

For me it’s so fun to have goals and a plan in place. It keeps me working hard, doing my homework and going to the barn to ride even when I am super tired. I keep thinking about Rebecca and I get more and more excited to pull out of the barn and head to Montana.

The event is the third week in July… so be prepared for more posts about it until then!

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2 thoughts on “Elusive Rebecca

  1. So exciting!! I’m day dreaming about going to spectate. Not sure if I’ll make it happen, but it has to eventually, right?


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