Watch and Learn: Part 2

So, in my previous Watch and Learn post (Click here to read!) I  spoke about how important I felt it was to watch other riders and learn from them. I still think this is absolutely true, but this week I realized it’s equally important to watch a good, non professional rider, on your horse.

While I have watched Sarah school Georgie and work on problems we’re encountering, this week I had a friend, who is a more experienced eventer than me, ride Georgie and jump her around a bit. Watching Sarah, I do just that. I watch. And learn, of course. But having my friend ride Georgie was much more interactive. I helped trouble shoot, spoke with her about what we’re working on, and got to see why we encounter some of the problems we do. I have to say, it was really fun and educational for me. For example: Georgie, if given the chance will shorten two strides out from the jump, which is something we have been working really hard to correct. My friend had a couple of jumps where Georgie shortened. I recommended that she keep Georgie forward through the corner and forward all the way to jump. Don’t let her dwell after the corner, which she loves to do. After taking my advice, Georgie jumped beautifully. This was important for me to see for two different reasons. First off, I know my horse and understand what needs to be done and why. Secondly, I now need to do it. Seeing the difference in the two rides made me realize that I need to work harder in those corners every single time, because Georgie is going to go back to old habits if given the chance.

I also learned that Georgie still doesn't use her neck over the jump. No matter the ride or rider.

I also learned that Georgie still doesn’t use her neck over the jump. No matter the ride or rider.

My friend rode Georgie beautifully and they both really seemed to enjoy their time together. It was great to watch and inspired me to ride the way I need to ride every single time. So, watch and learn. Your own horse, someone else’s horse, basically at every opportunity possible.

I’ve had two long work weeks, and am looking forward to a bit less chaos in the coming weeks. We’ll see how that works out, but I’m determined to get some great rides in before we leave for Rebecca in a month.


Nadia and Georgie

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One thought on “Watch and Learn: Part 2

  1. It is nice to see others rider my horse. In the same respect, after competing this weekend I watched the video of my test and that too is a useful tool.

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