How To Ride Better

That title may deserve a question mark. Or an exclamation point. I’m not sure which.

I’ve come off of about 2 weeks of not riding Georgie and I missed her terribly! Her owner is here for a month out of the year and as part of the lease agreement she got to ride Georgie the first week of August before she left again.

I decided to jump in my lesson today, in part to redeem myself from our terrible SJ round at Rebecca, but also because I knew it would be easier to do dressage and not work on my jump position.

The lesson started with some yelling about my leg. We had a bit of an aha moment of where my leg needs to be, but I’m not strong enough for it to stay put. Which is super duper frustrating.

So we moved to my arms and upper body. Um. Yeah. That’s not great either. It’s ok going right. But then when I go left I kind of forget about moving my upper body. And my left hand drops. And stiffens. Here’s proof:


See the left hand? It’s ever so slightly lower than the right. And the wrist is broken. This makes a huge difference in my overall position.

When I ride well, things go well. Duh. But I’m struggling with re-teaching myself 30+ years of bad habits. Bad habits that make it really hard to ride well.

I told Sarah that all I want to do are position lessons for a while. I have GOT to get better. It’s not fair to Georgie and it’s not safe or effective riding this way so why do it? I will admit that position lessons SUCK. I mean, who wants someone yelling at you about your position and making you do things that your body doesn’t naturally want to do??? How do you correct 3 decades of bad riding? Slowly. And consistently. And patiently and without getting too angry at yourself. Or, at least that’s how I think you do it. I’ll  keep you posted.


Nadia and Georgie

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2 thoughts on “How To Ride Better

  1. emma says:

    sounds productive, even if a little frustrating. those little position details are kinda my favorite – some of my biggest breakthroughs have been about some slight change in balance or alignment. also i totally relate to feeling like you have to undo decades of bad habits… ugh! good luck!!

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