Jumping and Jogging

On Tuesday, September 1st, I get to mail my Galway entry. Which is good. Because the envelope has been sealed and ready to go for about 10 days now.

So exciting!

So exciting!

So, this past weekend was the schooling jumper show where I planned on redeeming myself from my last SJ round. I entered 3′ and 3’3 after changing my mind a million times about what to enter. I warmed myself up and Georgie felt great. I had a game plan, Sarah gave me some tips and we entered the arena. I stuck to my game plan and at the end of the round I thought ” Well, that felt good.” But then you come out of the arena and you kinda never know what your trainer is going to say. But I figured that if Sarah thought it was bad, we had bigger issues, because it meant I had no idea what I was doing. Sarah walked over and said “I think thats the best round I have ever seen from you.” Yay!!! She gave me a couple pointers but admitted she was nit picking and our first 3’3 round went great. Even the judge said “well done” while I trotted past them to the out gate. Yay!

The second 3’3 round wasn’t as good, but nothing bad, and what was good was that I felt my mistakes. I came out of the arena and said to Sarah “So, I can’t ask Georgie to go forward and then pull back a stride or two out. It’s just not fair!” And Sarah agreed and we were both happy I realized I was doing it and that it gives us something more to work on. So, overall, a great day.

More importantly however, I found boots to wear with my jog outfit.

DMK Melbourne. German brand that I hadn't heard of

DMK Melbourne. German brand that I hadn’t heard of

I texted 4 friends and all agreed I should buy them. They had them in my size, AND the woman was willing to throw in a pair of free socks.

So now they are mine. Oh, and I totally practiced jogging in them prior to purchase. Duh.

Love them!

Love them!

I chose whimsical monkey themed socks to help me keep my sense of humor.


Not my range rover in the back…

And I’m thinking this is what the outfit will look like for the first jog. I’m playing with the idea of jeans and boots and nice top for the second jog, but haven’t put it together yet.

Black dress that is easy to move in, scarf that has purple (our colors) from my sister and cool new boots that are easy to run in.

Black dress that is easy to move in, scarf that has purple (our colors) from my sister and cool new boots that are easy to run in.

I had a friend tell me this weekend that she didn’t even bring jog clothes to her first T3D and friends all helped her get ready by letting her borrow clothes. I’d like to think I’m that laid back and easygoing, but I totally am not. I do feel some relief not having to worry about the outfit anymore, and now can get to the important stuff. Like breaking my new boots in!

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6 thoughts on “Jumping and Jogging

  1. draftmare says:

    I like those boots! Make sure you break them in good before the event!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I knew I should have gone to the show. Sounds like you were great!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. emma says:

    i love the boots!!! also congrats on having such positive rounds at the show šŸ˜€


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