Cross Country Colors

After a sub par jump lesson I have decided to write about something very near and dear to my heart in order to move on from jump lesson and smile again.

Cross Country Colors.

It’s something I spend a lot of time thinking about. Not WHAT my colors are (obvi, if you’ve seen a pic of me on xc my colors are black and purple), but what’s an appropriate amount of color co-ordination for a woman in her thirties. Late thirties. There, I said it.

We've changed it up a bit since this pic, but you get the idea...

We’ve changed it up a bit since this pic, but you get the idea…

I started with a purple saddle pad. And added a purple shirt. And then I got purple boot tape. And then a purple vest under my Point Two.  I took it one step further and got a pair of breeches that are black with a bold swatch of purple on the thigh. Sadly they don’t make purple xc watches (but don’t worry my GPS watch for when I run is purple), so I got a black one. And then I got rid of the purple shirt because it didn’t really match the other purple, and got a black shirt. And then I took a risk (I know you’re thinking “wait, there is more you can buy in purple?”) and got purple rubber reins.

Cute purple reins from Nunn Finer. Cute for me, or for a 12 year old?

Cute purple reins from Nunn Finer. Cute for me, or for a 12 year old?

Was it too much? I do not know. The jury is still out. I haven’t put them on my bridle yet because I want to figure out what the appropriate moment is for breaking them out. Will they look silly without all the other purple, when I am just schooling? Or will they look silly WITH all the other purple? I get a LOT of comments on my purple, spectators seem to enjoy it, and while yes, most of them are 12 year old girls, some of them are adults as well.


Interestingly though, I don’t wear a lot of purple in my non horse life. It’s as if my love for the color feels complete only with my love for eventing. I wasn’t an eventer as a child, or even as a teenager, so I feel like I am making up for lost time a bit. And I kinda don’t care what other people think,  the purple makes me really happy. And Georgie, thank goodness, looks good in purple.

So what about you? Do you care this much? What are your colors? However you feel about colors on xc, do know that for me, you probably won’t see me out there without at least a little bit of my favorite color.


Nadia and Georgie

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10 thoughts on “Cross Country Colors

  1. draftmare says:

    All the purple! All the time! My mare and I do purple, though a lot less purple now that I have a boring western saddle pad. Schooling though I have purple reins and a purple fly veil. Showing I have a purple button down shirt, and a purple pad for her. If I could squeeze in more purple I would.

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  2. FCReventing says:

    I love your XC colours! My ones are so boring right now, but I’m hoping to get some decent colours together over this season. All I have right now is a blue top and matching XC watch haha!


  3. I fall firmly into the camp of “ALL THE COLORS”. We’re here to have fun galloping prey animals over solid fences. Not only is it important to be visible on course, it’s important to recognize that the sport is a part of you and you of it.

    And those purple reins are awesome. DO IT.

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  4. redheadlins says:

    Rock the purple! I’m pink and sparkles all the time. Personally, rocking my inner 12 year old while with horses brings me great joy. #hatersgonnahate

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  5. emma says:

    i say pop ’em on the bridle and don’t think twice about it! 🙂 purple was gonna be my xc color as well… but then i ended up with a navy vest so… navy it is. boring but eh, versatile at least.

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