A Weekend of Fun

What a fun weekend! As many of my friends were off competing this weekend I was home preparing for my trip east this coming week. My friend and fellow eventer Meghan  (who was also home as she is heading off to the Skyline event next week) decided to have a jump day together.

It was great riding with her. We both give constructive criticism and both struggle with some of the same bad habits, so it was helpful to watch and learn. Plus, it was a laid back and fun ride, and helped me slow my brain down during show jumping, something I struggle with. Georgie was a good girl, despite having to throw her ears back every time Meg’s cute grey mare got within 10 feet of her. I liken Georgie to an only child who was home schooled through college. She doesn’t make friends easily.

She's adorable.

She’s adorable.

Today we went out and did some conditioning together. Meg helped me with my pacing, as we worked on pace for the different components of endurance day. We trotted and cantered for a mile at about 220 mpm and then tried to accomplish 470 mpm with a Griffon running in front of us and some muddy footing. We were a little slow, but Georgie was forward and recovered quickly. So I made her canter up a mountain. Hey, if nothing else we will be fit and ready for endurance day.

The view from almost the top.

The view from almost the top.

I head back east with Izzy, my foster dog. She’ll be living on my dad’s horse farm from here on out. I’ll miss her, but am excited for her to start her new life in what may be dog paradise. Plus, I get to visit my old friend Dublin while I am home.

Who couldn't love that face!

Who couldn’t love that face!


Nadia and Georgie


4 thoughts on “A Weekend of Fun

  1. KateRose says:

    Oh my goodness, Izzy is adorable!

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  2. Jump days with friends are so fun!


  3. emma says:

    schooling with friends is the best 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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