And Then We Stadium Jumped

The morning started with me getting up before light and braiding Georgie for her final jog. Amazingly she had stayed pretty clean, which for a horse nicknamed pigpen was really a blessing. 

So, the jog was posted to begin at 7:30 but of course I get there at 8 (since we were last to go) and it hadnt even begun. So we walked and walked and trotted,  and I will say it helped to loosen her up a little. My second jog outfit wasn’t as good as the first. The scarf had a mind of its own leaving me with an exposed v neck which was a bit less modest than I wanted to be running in. Live and learn.


Georgie was so over pics at this point

We were accepted!

And had 8 hours to wait until our ride time.  I bided my time by watching some amazing upper level xc and walking Georgie. Guess which was more fun? I got to watch amazing riders and an amazing course, really fun!

Sarah and I were a bit rushed for our course walk. They had told us the course would open at 2:30 but it opened at 2 and we didn’t know that so we ran down there and found out that I didn’t have nearly the time I thought I did. I honestly hate waiting all day only to be rushed. 

The course looked great. Walked nicely and nothing too tricky. I got dressed while Sarah tacked Georgie up. Best friend ever! And off we went.

I opted to warm myself up for a host of reasons but the main one being I knew what I needed to do and didn’t need a coach telling it to me. Just do it! 


Entering the arena!

 I got Georgie in front of my leg and we had a great ride to the first two fences. There was a sharp turn to the third which I cut too close and Georgie dropped a rail. 
The rest of the course rode really well and we got our strides.

But Georgie hit another rail near the end of the course. I was super bummed. 

I started to walk back to the barn after my ride, sure I wasn’t in the ribbons as our division was tight and lots of people had gone clean. 

I heard Sarah yell for me and I stopped to chat with her. We talked about my ride and she was actually quite happy with it for the most part. And we talked a little about how Georgie just doesn’t really care if she hits rails. Which sucks. But I quickly concluded I would much rather have a horse who is safe and game on xc than one who is super tidy with her feet in stadium. And I imagine you can have both, but not in my price range of free.  🙂

Georgie and I ended up 14th! And we even got a ribbon! I had Stella pose with it because she was being so good about being dressed up for Halloween.

Sure, I was a bit disappointed with stadium jumping, but I kept my goals and it was a WAY better ride than at Rebecca and taught me that we can have forward, thinking rides.

This was the experience of a lifetime ad I cannot say enough how fun the 3Day was. I’m already planning on doing one again next year, at Rebecca. I’m so lucky to have Georgie and so lucky to do what I love!

So here’s to a month off for Georgie and then getting back to work and refining things.

And maybe I’ll do a post or two on the Flair strips I got to use and my new purple reins while Georgie has her break!!


7 thoughts on “And Then We Stadium Jumped


    seriously. Congrats.

    And so pumped for purple reins!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. emma says:

    woo hoo congratulations! and what a beautiful ribbon! sounds like a very pleasant stadium experience (aside from the last minute rushing, ugh) but a bummer about the cheap rails. still sounds like a great experience and so much to be proud of!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amanda C says:

    I’ve loved following along with your journey on this, since a 3 day is one of my aspirations too. Congrats on such a successful outing!


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