Can You See It, Cause I Can’t 

So Georgie’s vacation ended a bit early. Truth be told I got bored and I figured she was bored too. So around the 20th I’ve been lightly getting her back to work.

We’ve got a schooling dressage show coming up so we are working on some counter canter and straightness in the canter. But I’ve also been working on seeing my distances. Cause here’s a shameful little secret: I can’t always see my distances. I don’t like to talk about it, because it seems like seeing your distances is this exclusive club where all the really good riders are hanging out and I desperately want to be invited. So, in typical me fashion, I’m going to work my ass off and despite my lack of natural talent I am going to see those fu**ers if it’s the last thing I do.


Today we jumped for the first time since Galway!

It’s getting better, but it’ll be a slow process. It’s fun to have a purpose to my rides and a reason to not do dressage everyday, and working on seeing my distances let’s me still work on roundness and suppleness but also still work on jumping type things.

Today’s ride involved my friend Meg helping me out. “Less careening out of the corner.” “Rebalance and then power forward” Oh, those habits that haunt me. But once I gave my ride more thought,and did what Meg suggested we had a lovely time! Amazing how that happens.
And of course I forgot to take pics until I was done, but PC to Meg for the awesome pic of me next to the jump. I had to conciously make a point of making my hands look normal.

On to lessons and dressage schooling shows and lots more work this winter!


3 thoughts on “Can You See It, Cause I Can’t 

  1. emma says:

    ugh….. ‘seeing a distance’ – that elusive magical enigma…. i feel your pain! tho at least one of my trainers makes me feel a little better about it by saying that the canter matters more than the distance – get the right canter and they can jump from anywhere. now i just need to learn to ‘get the right canter.’ sigh…. lol

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