Oh Dressage….


Ignore me, focus on horse

Georgie and I had our first lesson since coming back from Galway this week. I opted for a dressage lesson as we have entered a schooling test of choice dressage show at our barn this coming weekend.  I opted to do the Prelim A eventing test for the show. My reason being Georgie and I need to keep progressing and doing a Training test after doing the Training 3Day seemed like a regression, or at least a stalemate. Also, we all know that in barn schooling shows are the perfect place to push your limits and maybe get a little out of your comfort zone.  The Prelim A test has the following movements I am not comfortable with:

  1. A loop on the quarter line in the canter.
  2. A change of rein, change of lead through the trot over X
  3. Another loop on the quarter line in the canter
  4. A medium canter

But, hey, I figured we could work on it in our lesson.


Better position on my part…

Well, weirdly, it didn’t all come together like magic after one lesson. We worked our asses off to try and attain straightness so that some of these movements could actually be possible. Georgie is in such a different place than she was 4-6 months ago. Riding her I can ask for so much more. And even better, I understand so much more and can feel what’s right and what’s not right ALMOST as quickly as my instructor sees it. I lack natural feel. It sucks. I envy people who have natural talent for riding. And while it made me sad to realize this, it has made “getting it” and “feeling it” that much more rewarding. Dressage has become fun. I was exhausted and my inner thighs and core were killing after my lesson but it was GREAT. Honestly.

Straightness was attainable, so therefore  most of the above movements were as well. They will NOT be lovely, or at the level I would ideally have for the show, but I don’t really care. I’m just happy we are working towards something difficult, yet within our grasp.


I’m loving Georgie, loving dressage, and loving how sore I am from riding after a month reprieve.

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5 thoughts on “Oh Dressage….

  1. emma says:

    yea i lack that ‘natural feel’ too – the funniest thing about dressage to me is i look at those movements and think “change of lead through trot”? we do that every jumping course, that’s easy! haha. hahahaha. nope, not easy. Georgie looks great tho – good luck at the show!


    • nadsnovik says:

      Oh trust me, I saw this test and was like “that’s easy, NBD. Then I started doing some of the movements and was like “OH, THIS is why this is a Prelim test..” I didn’t know changing lead on a straight line could be so challenging!


  2. Being sore ftw. I’m learning to develop my dressage feel. It is SO DIFFERENT than jumping. Very hard. Very rewarding.


  3. I definitely don’t have a natural feel but when you finally realize it makes it much more rewarding!! Prelim tests are a big jump that’s awesome that you’re really pushing to expand your knowledge and learn from them!

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