Jump Lesson!

I appreciate you all sharing what scares you in the previous blog. It helps me to know we all have things that we’re not 100% comfortable with…

This past week I had a dressage lesson where we worked hard on our transitions and then added a fun jump lesson this weekend. Our mission for the jump lesson was to keep Georgie from diving through the corners. And while we’re at it, keep her from losing her forward momentum through the corners as well.

It was tough, but really fun and I really felt we made some progress. We would canter the long side, ride the corner up and forward and then get through the grid.


Getting ready NOT to dive through the corner

My jump position leaves a lot to be desired. But, I remembered after my lesson that my back was so painful last year at this time that I wasn’t even riding. And, while it’s still not 100% it’s so much better and therefore I am getting so much stronger.


I got a couple of videos, this one is at the end of the day, when I was getting tired, but determined to keep Georgie from diving. You’ll see a bit of an argument in the corner before the grid, but it was a good argument in that she didn’t get her way and we had a good ride.



Another super exciting part of the lesson was that I got to break in the open front boots I was given as a Christmas gift! I LOVE them and think they really look amazing on Georgie.


I feel like the boots TOTALLY made her jump better and they make up for her halter which might have horses dancing across the noseband.

Fun day and I am looking forward to the dressage TOC show this coming weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Jump Lesson!

  1. emma says:

    her canter looks fantastic in that video!!

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  2. Those boots are awesome!! Glad you’re feeling better and back in the saddle.

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  3. Major boot envy over here.

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