Think Fast


So, last week we had that tricky lesson where I had to adjust my horse and make on the spot decisions. Well, trainer thought that was too easy (or too hard?) and this time really challenged me. Basically, picture a Y. Base is a jump with a bending line each way to another jump. This lesson occurred after work, and trainer was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to handle thinking too hard. But, somehow I assured her I could remember left from right and to challenge me a bit.

Well, challenge me she did. We did the bending line a couple different ways, with different strides and then she upped the ante. No more course work. I needed to think on my feet. Or, in my stirrups, so to speak.

I would be told to jump the first jump. And then, after that, she would tell me what jump was next. Eventually. And I would have to quickly get to the jump and jump it well. Sometimes she would tell me after a stride or two from landing, sometimes I would gallop around waiting. Oh, and that exercise lasted like 5-6 minutes. So, basically the length of a xc course. By the end I was so tired. And riding really poorly. I’m not in course work shape. That will change. But for 2/3rds of it, I have to say it was actually fun, and challenging and I felt like I knew how to ride!


My eyes are up and my hands are forward. Now to stop pinching with my knee

Today, we did another fun exercise. 4 verticals on a circle. Jump one, turn right. Jump the next, turn right, and basically keep turning right until you’ve jumped all four. Then do it left. Then start the other way so the turns are tight.

I’m kinda a mess in that video in that I totally drop her to the first jump and then don’t think about my turn to the last jump….

Again, really fun and challenging. I worked really hard to get Georgie up and not diving, as well as keep her forward through the turns. I achieved that somewhat…

This video has music!

I love that we are doing difficult exercises and not just straightforward grids, which are my comfort zone. Georgie has enjoyed all this jumping and she’ll be sad that we are back to dressage lessons this week.

Oh, and just so you all know, when I talk about the fact that we have snow and have been in the indoor since November… I’m not exaggerating. Here’s what my front yard looks like:

front yard.jpg


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5 thoughts on “Think Fast

  1. Your front yard is sad. Move down here and we can hang out. 🙂

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  2. emma says:

    ugh that snow tho…. seriously tho – awesome videos, those exercises look super challenging (and exhausting omg), but you don’t make them appear that way at all

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  3. Pretty sure my legs would fall off and die if I tried a 5 minute course right now. Cheers to you.

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