Bloghop! The Little Things

Thanks Amanda for posting about the little things you love about Henry, and asking us to join in on the fun with our horses! You can read all about it in her blog,The $900 Facebook Pony, here: The Little Things

So, time for a….


So, what are the little things that make me love Georgie so much? Let me tell you!

  1. While her nickname may be Pig Pen, and she can get covered in dirt and mud faster and more thoroughly than any horse I have ever met, she 100% doesn’t mind getting dolled up and thoroughly groomed either.

crib collar

From this (the only white part of her neck is where her cribbing strap lays…


To this! Lots of scrubbing and braiding and clipping and she did not mind one bit.

She is great about being braided, clipped, scrubbed and anything else. She even tolerates me pulling her mane.

2. She has opinions. And while at times our opinions aren’t the same, I kinda love that she cares enough to let me know what she’s thinking.

3. Georgie at her baddest self really isn’t that bad. For example, Georgie’s dream job would be as a foxhunter. Running through fields and jumping natural obstacles with a pack of hounds and horses? Yes please! But our days of galloping natural obstacles are few and far between. We have dressage (which she does not like) and show jumping (which she tolerates.) And at times, she lets me know just how much she hates dressage. But even when she crow hops and rears and refuses to go forward, it’s not (very) scary or dangerous and doesn’t last long. This horse has a brain that I really really love.

4. She is game to go anywhere at anytime. Is there anything better than an equine partner that’s a good traveler? I don’t think so! She settles in to the new place as soon as she has hay in front of her and I can’t ever remember her being barn sour or herd bound. She is such a good traveler and is so easy in the trailer. I can’t say enough about how nice this is considering the distances we travel.


She doesn’t love the getup…but still ate all her hay like a good pony

5. She forgives my mistakes ALL THE TIME. So, the other day I actually admitted out loud that I was tired while jumping, and that my form was suffering, but that I knew Georgie would take care of me. This is not something you should say out loud, or actually do, ever. But, I did both, because that’s who I am. And Georgie could have cared less that I was up there with no leg on, and my shoulders were swinging all around, she just kept jumping. And while I promise her “I’ll get stronger!” “I won’t drop you one stride out!” ‘I WILL let go of the inside rein!” Sometimes, I still do all of those things. And she just keeps hauling my ass around. And even if one day she decides she’s had enough, I won’t blame her, or love her any less. Because she has shown me what a huge heart she has, and for that, I could never love her any less.


Embarrassingly dirty. And sticking her tongue out. Such a classy horse.

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6 thoughts on “Bloghop! The Little Things

  1. Amanda C says:

    Awww thats adorable

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  2. awwwwww that is the best

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  3. emma says:

    so sweet, i kinda adore Georgie, she just sounds like such a neat mare!

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  4. carey says:

    Aww, what a good girl

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