A Mixed Bag

With beautiful weather finally here, my goal was to get out and about with Georgie! And thankfully, other equestrian friends were thinking the same thing!

On Saturday Sarah and I decided to get out in the hills for a trail ride. It’s been fun watching her adorable baby come along, and having Sarah expose her to new things. This time around it was loading in my straight load trailer, which she did without hesitation!


While Georgie loves trail rides, she hates posing for pictures. Rapid on the other hand was a born model. Actually, Georgie and I are kinda similar in our awkward picture poses. Note to self: Sit up, bring hands together and smile. 

It was a great outing with some good hill climbs and a good start to Georgie’s fitness work so she is ready for the 3Day in July.

So, lovely ride Saturday was followed by our first jump lesson outside! Woohoo! We’ve been dying to get out of the indoor and into the larger arena. Sarah had a great grid with a bounce on either side of an oxer. She also set up a triple bar that you would approach off a turn after the grid

The lesson was.. well..informative.


You know how sometimes, in your head you’re thinking “I’m TOTALLY doing what my instructor is telling me to do” and then you look at the video and you’re like “oh. That is NOT what it looked like in my head?”

That was kinda the theme for this lesson. I thought I was really upright through the bounce and folding over the oxer, and as you can see in the picture, not the case. I also thought my shoulders weren’t swinging around. But they were.


I kinda love triple bars now. They are lovely for Georgie to jump and I think of them as Chevrons.

On the other hand, while I kinda sucked, Georgie’s canter felt GREAT. She has a lovely uphill-ish canter, where, if I ask her to go forward, she doesn’t dive down on the forehand. I kept asking if we had enough impulsion as I wasn’t used to a canter where we aren’t careening around but instead are pretty balanced and uphill. It still needs work, but it is an exciting change.

So, I asked for a redo. And am going to have a similar lesson this week so I can really work on this stuff. Cause I am sick of mediocre and sick of just getting it done. And one more lesson will cure both those things. Obvi.

Wish me luck. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “A Mixed Bag

  1. Oh I totally know what you mean RE the life/video disconnect. I always get told to stop swinging my torso around at the canter and I FEEL LIKE it’s perfectly still. Then I watch the video and am like “WTF SELF STOP SWINGING YOUR TORSO LIKE A WEAPON”.


    I got it fixed in a jump saddle just in time to quit jumping and pick up dressage. Fun fact: definitely un-fixed it. Now trying again.

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  2. OK! Wishing you all the luck 🙂 The challenge is what we love… 🙂


  3. carey says:

    I love triple bars, too! Good luck with the follow up lesson 🙂

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  4. Emma says:

    Ha those triple bars are intense! Good luck w the redo. Also I hate when my feel for the ride doesn’t match reality… Ugh lol

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  5. draftmare says:

    Yep, totally right there with you on the “I am totally doing what my instructor is saying, we look AWESOME” only to realize later that we didn’t look as awesome as we felt.


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