Back to Work

I feel like I haven’t written in a while. I’m not sure if its because of a lack of media or because I have been plugging along at essential but not exciting things, but whatever the case, I’m breaking the silence.


Redo lesson. Sit up, shoulders back. 

We had our “redo” grid jump lesson and I had some major aha moments about my position. Later in the week we had another great jump lesson that falls into the “thinking rider” category. We had a 4 stride that we had to come into on a big galloping step, or a shorter, more compressed step. We had to get four strides regardless of what step we came in on. I had little trouble getting four strides when coming in on the short step. But on the gallop approach, I forgot to half halt, or didn’t insist enough in my half halt and there were a couple times Georgie got through it in 3 ridiculously unbalanced and out of control strides. It was no bueno.

It took some work, and realization on what a slow learner I am, but we got an effective half halt. Finally.


I still have snow in my yard. At least Stella enjoys it. In lieu of horse media I’ll give you dog media.

We had a dressage lesson yesterday which was quite fun. I have been working a bunch on my position and my instructor noticed the improvement. We worked a lot on sitting the bigger trot and asking more and more of Georgie and I. We had some nice steps of collected canter, and I am really getting a feel for all the different ways my seat can work. It was fun, but hard, and really gave me some good homework.

Georgie has been super game for all these new and exciting things we have been working on. She probably finds me a little dense and I imagine she wishes I was a bit clearer in my aids, but overall, I think she is having fun too. i’m lucky to have such a fun, game horse.

no helmet

Sometimes I do really stupid things like ride without a helmet. Prior to getting on Georgie I verbally gave my will and last wishes because I figured I would die. Weirdly I didn’t. But I’ll remember my helmet next time.


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4 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. I think 90% of riding is just grinding it out anyways. Sounds like you guys are making great progress!

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  2. Yes, yes. Helmets, as uncofortable as they may be, are very handy. I used to pop on here and there for a pasture walk without one, or something like that. Now, after seeing so many bad accidents, usually completely unexpected, I always wear it.
    I like that little last snow pile by the way – wish I had one!! 🙂


  3. Emma says:

    So awesome to see improvements in your position after working so hard on it. I’m coming to terms with the fact that we need a boot camp now too… Le sigh.

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