Dressage Clinic!

I’ve been waiting all week for today’s lesson with Terri Rocovich. Terri is now primarily an upper level dressage rider but she evented for years. She has a great reputation as a clinician and as I have only had one dressage lesson with someone other than my trainer, I was looking forward to the experience. 

The good news was, that Terri called me out on all the things my trainer does. Which is nice in the sense that there weren’t any new surprises. The flip side of that is that I really need to work on these things since I am now hearing about them from two separate instructors.

We worked on leg yield and lengthening in the trot. Terri had some great ideas on homework to make my lengthen more successful. We actually got a fairly decent one while practicing her exercises with her. And we worked lots on bend and I learned that in the leg yield my position going left is inhibiting Georgie’s movement. None of this is new to me, but I definitely had some “aha!” moments.

Lots and lots of trot work

I liked how thorough Terri was and how positive she was while still be helpful and giving me ideas on how to improve things. Oh…. And as soon as I picked up the trot she said “She’s cute!” Which is like the nicest thing anyone can ever say about Georgie. Especially when we are moving….

I’m off to Vegas where I am speaking at a national conference (#dreamcometrue) and the day after I get back am entered in a jumper show. First one of the year… I’m slightly nervous but mostly excited…

Pretty dressage pony

Have a great week everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Dressage Clinic!

  1. Emma says:

    I love a clinician who sees the same things as my trainer, but maybe has a new approach for working on them. Sounds like a great lesson! Enjoy the speaking gig and good luck at the jumper show!

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  2. Haha yeah at least there were no surprises. There is a slight outside chance I’ll get to come spectate at the jumper show. Maybe see you there!

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  3. shelbyrallen says:

    I love when you take with someone new and hear the same things. I always see that as a good sign! And usually they manage to ask something with just a slight change of wording that makes it actually click in my head. Glad you had a good lesson – And Georgie is SUPER cute 🙂

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  4. Olivia @ DIY Horse Ownership says:

    Sounds like a cool clinic. I’d like to ride with a dressage clinician who knows eventing in addition to straight dressage.

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