Adventures In Conditioning

Georgie and I have had a couple stadium jumping lessons this week that were great! But both of us really look forward to the day of the week that gets us out for conditioning. A quick 15 minute drive up the road and we have access to miles and miles of trails in the mountains. It is amazing for conditioning! I’m typically quite regimented in my conditioning rides, I like to have a plan and stick to it. I know what the plan is for that day before I even go.


Stella looking so cute!

This time, Georgie and I started our two mile trot/canter up a canyon road and when we got to the spot where we always turn around I paused. The trail here on out was fairly unknown to me. The road became more overgrown and very steep. As we contemplated going on up I heard a jingle behind me. Lo and behold, my 12 year old dog Stella, who I thought had decided to stay at the trailer, was trotting up the path towards us. I decided that since she came all this way, we’d head up towards the unknown together.


The view as we headed down

The trail was incredibly steep and quite washed out due to all the rain we had had. Georgie  was getting tired quickly. Since I love to hike, and since it was my idea to go up this mountain, I hopped off her, loosened her girth and figured we could all walk together. Georgie wanted to stop every few minutes, but I knew she was fit enough to walk this and if I was walking, the least she could do was keep up.


Georgie was over it pretty quickly and didn’t care about the view at all

Much like a nightmare I’m sure we’ve all had, when I reached what I thought was the top of the mountain… I was greeted by another peak. Seriously??? I decided to take pictures from there, and not call this a failure. Just a lesson about hiking in Idaho.


Headed back home=ears forward

Since I knew the walk down would be tough for Georgie as well, I walked most of it with her. She was a good girl and didn’t step on me or bump into me once. She found her own way down and was careful and smart about it. When we nearly reached the bottom and onto the well groomed road, I hopped on and she was happy to walk/trot home.


Stella leading the way!

I need to remember that part of why I ride is for adventures like these. Going out with my dog and horse, in the middle of nowhere, is an adventure not many get to have. And while it may not have been the prescribed conditioning ride, it certainly did a lot for our mental and physical well being.

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3 thoughts on “Adventures In Conditioning

  1. Emma says:

    Oh wow those photos are incredible — what gorgeous trails!!! Can I bring my horse out and go hiking with you all?!?!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. draftmare says:

    What a lovely place to be able to ride!

    Liked by 1 person

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