(Side note I have zero media for this post so I hope to distract you with cute  pictures of a baby horse, pup with a hurt paw and a dressaging grey mare)

I hadn’t had a dressage lesson in a bit so was prepared to get schooled during my lesson this week. Georgie and I are pretty committed to our homework between lessons but sometimes I’m not completely  certain I’m not ruining my horse with every ride. 

 Warm up started and Sarah immediately got after me about being consistent in the contact and getting Georgie deeper. 

After the warm up I opted to start sitting the trot and things immediately got better. Um, I love sitting the trot. My position immediately gets better and everything is just easier to ask for. 

We then moved onto some canter work. I’m used to having a lot of things to work on in the canter. Sometimes we just work on one thing for a while because it’s difficult for me to master. But this time, things  began to progress quickly. We started cantering down quarter line in shoulder fore. Except we weren’t doing shoulder fore. We were doing shoulder in. And Sarah was really excited about it. And I was too. We worked on getting balance and consistency through the corners as well as maintaining our impulsion. Georgie felt strong and capable of all I was asking of her. We were able to achieve some really nice moments and I was so excited about the quality of the work.

At one point Sarah said something along the lines of me becoming a DQ. It was a compliment, but I kind of rejected the idea immediately. But upon thinking about it a bit more I realized I did really enjoy dressage. And Georgie and I have made huge improvements in our dressage work. 

And while this lesson was positive and inspiring, I know it just means Sarah will expect more from us next time. And I’ll probably get my butt kicked once again. 

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6 thoughts on “DQing

  1. Emma says:

    Ha I know what you mean – I’m really learning to enjoy dressage and I see a lot of value in it, but I’m not ready for (nor do I really want) then mantle of “DQ”. All the same tho sounds like a fantastic lesson!

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  2. draftmare says:

    What happened with your puppy?! He is adorable holding up his paw for inspection!


  3. needforsteed says:

    She’s beautiful! Enjoy the Dressage Queen title. To me, it’s less of a snob label and more of a recognition of your dedication to and enjoyment of the sport. Unlike shadbellys and double bridles, I think you can start embracing your DQ status as soon as you like. 🙂


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