It’s Me, Not You.. The Jumping Chronicles

I’ve been putting off blogging about my jumping homework, but here goes.

I’ve had two jump lessons. One we really worked on consistently being forward and keeping the connection. It went pretty well. The second one we worked on being consistently forward and keeping the connection. It went ok.

Then I decided to be brave and jump on my own and work on.. well, you know. It went ok. I was super duper proud of myself for jumping 3′ by myself. I never do because I figure I’ll die and there will be no one around to find me. I didn’t die and I felt like I made some progress.

In my last lesson trainer Sarah mentioned that maybe she should hop on Georgie to help with my struggles. I took her up on the offer and told her I would like her to work on the following:

  1. It seems that when I have consistent contact Georgie loses impulsion and doesn’t go as forward.
  2. I think Georgie isn’t slowing down between jumps in a two stride, but you (Sarah) do, so maybe you can show me what you mean?
  3. How do I keep her uphill AND go forward.

I figured this would be enough for Sarah to work on, I didn’t want to overwhelm her. She spent about 30 minutes getting Georgie loose and supple. I would soon learn this was the most difficult task of the day. We have lots of bending and suppleness work in our future.

Then she started jumping. Georgie was forward and uphill.

She looked like this:


uh. yeah. This is what Georgie looks like when you use your leg into the contact

It only got better (and worse for me). Sarah had no problems with any of the things I had a problem with.

And amazingly, this mistakenly made video sums it all up:

And obviously, it’s true. Ride her well and Georgie can jump easily and weirdly she is forward, straight and jumps beautifully out of stride.

Like this:

When Sarah did the combination, I saw what she meant by keeping the contact and keeping her forward. Georgie lands and she rocket ships. When I ride her, she lands and cruise ships.

It was really exciting to see Georgie go like this! But also a little depressing. But Sarah was kind (it’s easy to be kind when you can ride), and mentioned that Georgie was way stronger and easier to ride than ever, and that I have put in all the hard work, and made Georgie capable of jumping so well. Now I just need to ride her well. (She didn’t say that, it was just blatantly obvious).

We now have something MORE to work on. And I have proof that my horse is more than capable to jump around well. So time to saddle up and practice practice practice.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Me, Not You.. The Jumping Chronicles

  1. Well it’s gotta be cool to see her go better for the trainer than for you–that means it’s in there. Right?

    Cuz C goes the same for the trainer as for me and I’m like “well at least it would take an act of God for this horse to go better and even that might not cut it”.


  2. Emma says:

    Ugh. Georgie looks fantastic!! I definitely feel ya tho. Damn those pros making it look so easy! But hey, at least now you *know* it’s in there just waiting for you to find it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yeah. Been there. We’re always the problem…. There’s no shame there! The shame is to not want to find out, or to simply not know about it at all.
    Now you know.
    And you know your horse is capable of looking fantasmic 😉
    Just all about figuring out how to get there.

    Me too…

    Now this should only take another 10 years 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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