And Then This Happened

I hadn’t ridden Georgie since Rebecca. She got some time off and then her owner was in town. Since her owner lives overseas and hardly sees her, I agreed to let her ride Georgie for a week or so until she left town again.

This past Sunday morning trainer/friend Sarah and I went out for a trail ride on a new trail we had discovered. I figured it was the perfect intro back into riding, and Georgie and I could get serious again on Monday.

On Sunday afternoon, I tripped off a step in my house, landed hard, and broke my elbow. I tried to think of a more exciting story for how it happened, but much like Emma, from ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing, sometimes you just gotta admit you’re not the most graceful person out there. And deal with the consequeces. And drink a lot.


So happy because they told me they did not need to reset the bone.


So, I’m in a sling and off riding for 4 weeks. Which, would be sort of ok, except that Georgie is slated to do her first Prelim in the middle of October with trainer Sarah. So, she  needs to stay in work, even if it’s not me riding her. I’ve basically spent the last two days obsessing about who can ride her when. Friend/trainer extraordinaire has offered to ride her two days a week, and some great riders a the barn have also offered to hop on her once a week or so. So, she should be good to go. Knowing me, I’ll be putting conditioning rides on her starting the end of next week, because I am pretty sure I can do that one handed. And I am stubborn.


Thanks for riding her Will!!

In the meantime, since I’m not riding, I’ve been watching my Rebecca xc video over and over. And Over. I’m obsessed with it. And Georgie’s ears when she sees a jump.


So happy

So, for your viewing pleasure:

Rebecca XC 2016

Watching the video confirms to me we are ready to move up. Especially since much of it looks like I remember in my head it felt like. I wasn’t hugely surprised that something didn’t ride as well as I thought…Which rarely happens.

Oh, and to add to the fun, right before I left for Rebecca, I adopted a puppy. I don’t as a rule, like puppies, but something about this one won me over. So, welcome to the family, Siri!


Don’t be fooled. She isn’t usually this calm, she was just on her best behavior for my friend who was holding her.


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16 thoughts on “And Then This Happened

  1. emma says:

    omg nooooooooooooooo!! 😦 ughhh that sucks so bad! and what crappy timing too… thank goodness you have friends who can pitch in to keep her ridden.

    seriously tho – wishing you the speediest of recoveries and many many drinks. oh and yea, that xc video is absolutely badass – i love Georgie’s pricked happy ears alll the way thru to the end!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. shelbyrallen says:

    nooooo! That stinks about your elbow!!! But at least you guys look totally badass in the video! Definitely ready for Prelim!!


  3. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh crap timing-but at least it’s only 4 weeks?! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. I’ve heard wine helps healing…or at least makes it more interesting. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Karen M says:

    Ugh, that sucks about your elbow, but everything else is pretty much awesome–puppy, moving up, video review going well … *ahem* speaking from personal experience, you can pretty much ride okay with a broken elbow, as long as your horse doesn’t root or pull or anything like that.


  5. draftmare says:

    Oh no! So sorry that happened! You better behave yourself! You don’t want it to end up taking longer to heal by aggravating it. The puppy is super stinkin’ cute though!!!!


  6. carey says:

    Oh no! Heal quick! CUTE pup!!



    PS you have to tell the bear/kitten store. now there’s birds even!


  8. KateRose says:

    Oh no!!! Hope you’re all healed up soon


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