When Your Trainer Rides Your Horse

Broken elbow be damned, I decided to take Georgie for a conditioning ride. I thought I was being so smart and safe  about it by  inviting two friends to ride with me.

It wasn’t so smart, or safe, as Georgie essentially wanted to race the other fit horse who hadn’t been out in 3 weeks. It was horrible. I couldn’t stop. At all. But Georgie had a blast galloping through my hand.

Trainer Sarah decided she should just ride Georgie more because clearly I was messing her up even more than could be expected of a person with a broken elbow.

So, she tuned her up Tuesday and after Georgie became supple and responsive to her aids she decided to “treat” her by letting her jump a jump or two.

Georgie’s ears perked forward the minute she saw the jump. She soared over it at 3′ so I raised it two holes. She soared over that.


Wheee, jumping with a competent rider!!


We decided to raise it again.

“One or two holes?” I asked.

“Whatever you want.” Trainer replied.

Are you kidding me? If my trainer is riding my horse, I am SO raising it two holes. See how high the horse can jump! The pole was now one hole from the top of the standard. Probably 3’9 or so.

I’d be lying if I said it went perfectly. She hit it hard the first time. But then, then she got a good distance and soared over it. She actually used her neck to jump a jump.


Blurry screen shot. But is anyone else reminded of Snowman from the Eighty Dollar Champion?

For trainer Sarah, the jump she hit was more importantthan the one she got over. She wanted to see how the mare handled having a rail between her legs. Georgie handled it like a pro. Landed easily and went on. For me, I needed to see that this horse can jump out of her comfort zone and get it done.

And she can.

Thank God. Because I think she is going to be so fun to take Prelim. Now, I need to catch up to her.


Puppy photobomb. But at least someone was excited about the jump!

Here’s the video which is worth a watch if for nothing else that Sarah and my reaction at the end:

Heal elbow, heal!

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9 thoughts on “When Your Trainer Rides Your Horse


    Riding a couple weeks off a broken elbow? ARE YOU TRYING TO DIE? 😉 Crazy eventer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. KateRose says:

    Look at the jump on her! Wow! No wonder you’re impatient to get back at it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. emma says:

    Georgie is basically my hero haha. what a cool mare! also i’m glad that you’re feeling well enough to get on and ride and all but like… don’t kill yourself in the process!!!! lol ;P

    Liked by 1 person

  4. carey says:

    She’s gonna be so ready for you ONCE YOU HEAL. Don’t make it worse ;0)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. draftmare says:

    Girl!! You need to take it easy and not ride your pony!! You are going to just make yourself worse or get yourself hurt!!!
    Scolding over, those are cool pics of your trainer jumping. Georgie has lots of hops!


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