In Three Words

Not riding Georgie is making me a bit punchy. So, hopefully you will find this as amusing as I do.

Sarah has been riding Georgie 3x a week, and sadly this past week I could only be there for one of the rides. I feel bad asking Sarah to rehash the rides in full every time, so this last time I texted her to tell me how Georgie was in three words. You know, super kind of me not to make her have to text a novel. And what transpired was quite funny.


So, then I decided to play back. Yes, I rode Georgie again. But, it was on the property, by myself, and with my cross country bit in. I texted Sarah before I hopped on in case she had to come find me later…


So, this got me thinking. If asked how to describe your horse in three words, today, when you are reading this.. what would those three words be?



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5 thoughts on “In Three Words

  1. Emma says:

    Oooh fun!!! I love your text responses too haha. I did a similar type blog hop for Isabel a few years ago and my answer was along the lines of “game game game.” Obviously things would be a little different now. Maybe something like “fat pasture puff” would be more accurate lol

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  2. Mine’s way too easy:

    “Courage has opinions”.

    He can’t not.

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  3. KateRose says:

    Hahah love the three word ride synopsis. XD mine are mostly like “good baby pony”

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  4. Hahahah I love this post! What fun it was to read this. I can totally hear your voice in this piece. Thank you for sharing, and as for my mare, her three words are usually, “But I’m Royalty….”

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