One Moment In Time

With the many different social media outlets we have, it’s hard not to be inundated with pictures, videos, and updates on equestrians throughout the world. My Facebook feed is usually a rotation of  people’s dogs and people’s horses.

As someone who blogs, I’m not shy about posting pictures on Instagram or Facebook, and often times I’ll put videos of a good ride Georgie and I may have had. And I enoy seeing other people’s pictures. But sometimes I wonder, “is it really going that well all the time for that rider? Because it definitely doesn’t go that well for me all of the time.” But all I ever see of the rider are these fantastic moments. And then I doubt myself and my ability. And I end up in a crappy head space.


If only it looked ike this all the time

During the height of competition season, FB is full of people posting pictures of horses with their hard earned ribbons, pictures of them sailing over jumps or rocking difficult dressage movements. To be honest, if FB were the judge of how things are going, life basically rocks for all of us.

I think in order to keep slogging through the tough days I need to remember that it probably isn’t great for others all the time.These posts are one moment in time. All a photograph is, is one moment, out of a gazillion moments, that we actually captured and shared. If we shared ALL the moments, well, no one would be interested in seeing them anymore, but also, we would share a more accurate picture of our lives and, essentially, our struggles. And honestly, it’s way harder to share the struggles than the victories.


This rider has probably never had a bad ride in their life. They never fall off or struggle with a movement. It’s been all puppy dogs and rainbows I’m sure

In the age of information, I still feel like I’m always only seeing part of the picture. And I fully admit I contribute to the narrow lens of information as well. You don’t see me posting our crappy rides on FB.

I feel as though I am far more forthcoming about my struggles on my blog than I am on other social media sites. And I don’t quite know why that is. Pride, yes, but there has got to be more to it. Do any of you find this as well? Do you post a more accurate picture on your blog than you do on other sites?


It may look like I am getting instruction, but I don’t really need it because things are perfect all the time….

So for me, I’ll probably keep posting the good stuff, the moments that felt fantastic and keep the harder moments hidden away. And to be honest, I’ll expect that most people will do the same. And I’ll enjoy their victories along with mine and keep slogging through the tough stuff.

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6 thoughts on “One Moment In Time

  1. Thank you for this blog. This season has been fantastic for me in a lot of ways (first BN, first recognized event etc) but I still compare myself to other riders. It’s amazing how being surrounded by all the amazing accomplishments of others riders makes me doubt myself. But the game doesn’t change. The next day I still have to pull on my britches, zip up my boots and ride my damn pony as well as I possible can.

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  2. I tend to flesh out the bad rides as well…. with a positive twist, sure, but I’ve made a commitment to differentiate by writing ALL Unvarnished. As ugly as it is. .. 🙂

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  3. Emma says:

    Personally I use the blog as somewhat of a photo album. Often it’s the best moments and biggest victories that I want to commit to memory. But of course the funny moments and bumps along the road are also important too, since they help me remember how hard it can actually be sometimes (bc I’m sure I’m not the only one who will look back to something that felt like a big accomplishment and then somehow try to diminish it or feel like maybe it wasn’t as cool as I thought)

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  4. Karen M says:

    I avoid comparing myself to others and try to just be happy for the moments they choose to share. Horse sports at any level are too challenging for anyone to be perfect all the time. Every time I share something, there are loads of both successes and failures behind it.

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  5. I pretty much post all the fails… and I still have people come up to me and say that Courage never puts a foot wrong. I think it has more to do with the assumptions people bring with them than what I actually post.

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  6. Catching up on some blog reading this Thanksgiving, and this one of yours really resonated with me! Social media has its pros and cons, and when I see all the different activities that people are up to it can sometimes make me feel like I am not working hard enough. I think we all have to “ride our own ride”, you know?

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