It’s Just Weird

I’m in a weird space mentally. As someone who rides her horse regularly, and has put a ton of work into getting her to this point, it’s really really strange to have someone else take over the ride and get her ready for the next level.

I want to clarify a couple of things. First and foremost, I think Sarah riding Georgie at her first Prelim is absolutely the right decision. It is the safest thing for Georgie and will also help us be successful in the future together. Secondly, I am incredibly thankful to Sarah for riding my horse and putting so much work into her. This post is not about Sarah. It’s about me.

That said, it’s still weird. As it stands Sarah rides Georgie twice a week, I get a lesson on her once a week, and then I free ride once or twice a week. I just feel like I’m losing my bond with Georgie. And yes, I’m still riding 2-3x a week. But it’s kinda not the same. One of those rides is a lesson, one is a conditioning ride, and the other is a “remember what you did in your lesson and don’t mess up all of Sarah’s hard work” ride. So, basically, I’m keeping Georgie ready for Sarah. Rather than working things out with her, or just having fun, or doing dressage movements I need work with. Does that make sense? The purpose of our rides is completely different.


Ahh, puppy antics

I realize I can’t have it both ways. I can’t do what is right, and still ride my horse 5-6x a week. And if anyone is going to ride my horse, I want it to be Sarah. And I am so thankful that she is going to come out of this a stronger, better horse. But it’s still weird. And slightly hard. I never knew I would miss riding her this much!


It’s super ugly at sunset…

She still walks over to me when I come to her gate, and she still knows me as the person who feeds her, so I think she is probably happier than she has ever been. She has a rider who gives her a good ride, and a person who still loves on her without yanking on her mouth. I know after her go at Prelim, and after she gets some time off, I’ll get to ride her as much as I want again. And, as a bonus, I’ll now be riding her at her absolute best! So, for now, I’ll appreciate the situation and know Georgie and I will have lots of time together in the future.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Just Weird

  1. Haha yeah I’m kinda there too. My trainer is riding C twice a week for me and it’s great because we definitely need the help and I can see the progress and all that, but it means less rides a week for me and then he gets ridden (sometimes without me there) by someone else on a regular basis and that’s just never happened before.

    It’s weird.

    Not bad.

    Still weird.

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  2. KateRose says:

    It was so hard for me to let Mystic be in full-training training when she got started. I was her person and was in control of her whole like from age six months to 3.5 years. I knew I couldn’t start her myself. But it felt so odd to have someone else teaching her things. It’s a good thing – but definitely I feel you on the weird!

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  3. Emma says:

    I can totally understand that feeling and would be conflicted about it too (esp bc I don’t share my toys well). It’s just temporary tho and hopefully it’ll all feel worth it as Georgie cruises thru her first prelim and you too start aiming for that level as a team !!

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