Georgie Jumps the Jumps

As you may remember, Georgie’s first attempt at Prelim didn’t go quite as planned. Fortunately, the event she was running at wasn’t very far away (by Idaho standards) and when Sarah had a group of students going back down this fall to school at the facility, she asked if I wanted to go. I did. But having just come back from Ireland, taking more time off of work wasn’t really an option. So, Sarah kindly offered to take Georgie down and hopefully school her over all the jumps she didn’t get to do at the event.

I was super sad I would miss the action but asked everyone to provide lots and lots of video. While I wasn’t exactly fretting all day yesterday, I was super anxious to see video and hear how it went. When I finally heard from Sarah, her text said ” Do you want the good news or bad news first?”


This doesn’t look like bad news…

I opted for bad. And then heard nothing from her for 20 minutes. As images of Georgie refusing jumps, falling into the water, dumping Sarah or coming up lame ran through my mind, I tried calling and texting again.

Apparently Sarah was busy. Taking care of horses. Lame.

Anyway, the bad news was, that the dreaded jump #3, the one that Sarah fell at, had been put away for the season. So they didn’t get to jump it. My initial reaction?  “Thats the best bad news ever!! We can jump it in the spring!”


Jump 3. We will conquer you come spring!

The good news: Georgie was amazing. She jumped all the jumps and was basically an amazing rockstar unicorn.


Bank complex. Out of view is a corner 4 strides away 

Other than Jump 3, they jumped all the jumps on the course. And they JUMPED them. At speed, galloping around like they were in an event. Georgie didn’t put a foot out of place, and she had zero difficulty. Even with big ass tables that scare me. But not anymore!


Mare’s got hops.

From what I saw on the videos and what Sarah told me, Georgie thinks prelim is pretty cool. And not that tough. When she is ridden well, at least.

Here’s some video of the prelim water complex and Jump 4 on course:

Sarah asked if she should ride Georgie again today, and I said no. The day had gone exactly as I had hoped. I have more confidence, Georgie can rock Prelim jumps, and Sarah had a lot of fun. Georgie can have the day off so she can come back and we can try out some dressage saddles!

Love this mare so much!!




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7 thoughts on “Georgie Jumps the Jumps

  1. Georgie makes it look like so much fun and not at all scary!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That table is enormous! Way to go Georgie


  3. Emma says:

    Georgie is such a badass!!!


  4. carey says:

    Go Georgie! Bummer about the book jump being put away though. She would have rocked that, too.


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