Dressage Saddles and Drill Team

The quest to find a dressage saddle continues! But in the meantime I did something a bit silly. I sold my saddle. Now, a part of me always figured I would have to sell my saddle in order to help afford a new saddle. But, I didn’t really think this through all the way. Or, rather, I didn’t think I would sell my saddle so quickly and take so long to find a new saddle.


When not trying saddles I got out to enjoy the weather before the snow flies!

I tried 3 great saddles this past week. And got trials on them with three great sellers. Two were fairly local- thanks Sprinklerbandit! And one was shipped to me from Manhattan. Yes, Manhattan, as in NYC. When I was in Ireland we spent much of the week with a lovely gal who runs Manhattan Saddlery in NYC. When I got home I checked out their website and guys, it’s beautiful. It caters mostly to the Hunter/Jumper rider but they have really nice stuff. And happened to have an Amerigo Close Contact dressage saddle on a major sale. After speaking with the amazing staff at Manhattan Saddlery, they were more than happy to ship the saddle to me! The saddle was beautiful, the customer service was amazing (like they responded to my emails immediately) and they sent the saddle quickly and with a lovely hand written note.

Sadly, the saddle did not fit Georgie. So I had to reluctantly send it back. (But if you want to check it out yourself, or want to see what other gorgeous items they have check out: Manhattan Saddlery) Sadly the two other saddles weren’t a perfect match either. But I will say the Prestige Roma that SprinklerBandit has is a really, really, well maintained, beautiful saddle.

So, while I continue to try more saddles, and look forward to riding in my jump saddle a bunch, I am getting a better idea of what I like, and what I am looking for. So, we will see how this all works out.

And, in the meantime, Georgie and I seem to have joined a drill team at our barn. A trainer asked me to fill in for some people who hadn’t shown up, and apparently “fill in” means “join our drill team and perform at the Christmas Party with us!” Um, ok. It’s actually way more fun than I expected, and Georgie, while her brain has been moderately blown, was a really really good girl today. Don’t worry, there will be a video of our performance, complete with matching outfits!


The members of our team. Georgie is thrilled. Also, you may notice we are the only English riders…

Lots more dressage saddles and drill team in my future!

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5 thoughts on “Dressage Saddles and Drill Team

  1. Alanna says:

    I want to ride on a drill team!


  2. emma says:

    good luck with saddle shopping. it just never seems to work out quite as conveniently as we might hope… but it’s usually all worth it in the end lol.

    and that’s so exciting about a drill team!! we used to ride in drills at the farm where i learned to ride and there’s just something so satisfying about it haha. i always thought isabel would be pretty good at it, but am not so sure about charlie


  3. shelbyrallen says:

    That’s the good thing about eventing… we always have a second saddle to use ;). Good luck in your search! And I cant wait to see the drill team vid!


  4. Most of the trick with dressage saddles is just sitting in approximately 5million of them until you find the one that goes DING DING DING.

    Hence why anytime someone I know is saddle shopping, I literally throw everything I have at them. I know those feels and they are the worst.


  5. Saddle shopping is ALMOST as rough as horse shopping. It. Just. SUCKS.


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