One of the things Sarah said to me when we decided I would attempt the move up to Prelim was that she had lots of exercises for me to work on. I was kinda like “Exercises? Whatever do you mean?” Well yesterday I got my first taste of what she meant.

As we warmed up for our jump lesson Sarah began to set things up. She had 4 standards in the middle of the arena, each corner touching. These became jumps with cones placed at the entrance and exit. Then two placing poles at the far ends which would make for the edge of our new arena. Hard to describe.

Anyway. We had to enter through the cones, jump, exit through cones, turn right, enter cones for the next jump. And so on. For all four jumps.

Kind of gives you an idea of the exercise. Please don’t judge the ridiculous colors of the outfit

Except it goes more like this: Keep your horse forward and straight through the cones, no running through her shoulder! Jump. Land. Check your lead. Are you on the correct lead? If not fix it while staying straight and forward through the exit cones.Make a decent turn, don’t drift or let her run through her shoulder. Straight through cones. Where’s your impulsion? Land.
Get the idea? I had to think quickly AND think about a lot of things  simultaneously.

I hated it.

It hit on my biggest weaknesses. 1) knowing right from left 2) thinking quickly 3) not letting my brain spin out of control 4) doing more than one thing at a time.

But this is what I need.And while it’s tough, it’s going to get easier if I keep doing it. So I won’t quit yet. But I am kinda glad I am headed to DC for a few days and don’t have to worry about any more “exercises” for a little while.

Georgie was her perfect self. Our last exercise was two simple jumps followed by an angled bounce. It looked strange and I worried Georgie wouldn’t understand the question but that was just silly. We nailed it. Straight as an arrow and I 1) knew left from right 2) did more than one thing at a time 3) didn’t let my brain spin out of control and 4) thought quickly.

The bounce

There’s hope for me yet, apparently.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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6 thoughts on “Exercises 

  1. Ugh, why is left/right so hard? My brain cannot seem to figure it out on the fly either

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  2. Such a cool exercise!! Makes me wish I had a jumping horse.


  3. Emma says:

    Omg that is intense haha


  4. L. Williams says:

    You are most welcome! I thought I would post a comment here so I know you’d get it versus just replying on my blog so pardon the non sequitur comment on this post. They were so fast in getting the shipment together and getting it out. I think we’re supposed to make posts about what we got but you’d have to refer to the original post of Tracy’s (this is my first year doing it so I’m unsure)

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