Exploring Georgie’s Pedigree

While she isn’t an OTTB, or even a full TB, I thought it would be fun to explore Georgie’s pedigree a bit deeper, thanks to an unofficial blog hop going around. Little did I know, this search would lead me to learn things about Georgie I wasn’t sure I wanted to know…


I will love this mare no matter what. I had to tell myself that a few times…

As some of you may already know, Georgie was bought as a foal from a PMU auction. Essentially, Georgie is a Premarin Mare Urine baby. She was bought at auction at about 4 months old and has lived with her current owner until I began leasing her.

Here’s a good link if you’re unfamiliar with these horses:  Whats a PMU horse?

I didn’t know much about PMU babies, so one day decided to research it a bit. There is a great website dedicated to rehoming PMU babies, and they keep a record of all the babies they sell. Since Georgie’s owner never changed her name, it was super easy to find her records.

Georgie is officially an Appendix Quarter Horse.


Also found out she has a microchip!

But, who is this Ice Caper? I was unable to find anything on Gemma, her QH momma, but looking into the lineage of her TB sire, Ice Caper, opened a world I’ll never recover from.

Heres Ice Caper’s pedigree chart:


Do you see what I see?

At first I was like booooring.  I don’t know the grand parents and  no names are jumping out at me. And then I took a second look….


What the what? Wait. What?

And perhaps what is even more amusing to me is some of the names:


Son of the Old Coal Horse. Winner!!

Old White Mare.

Now that, folks, is a line EVERYONE wants their horse to be from.

Yeah, yeah, there are some names I’ve heard of like Native Dancer, but they are pretty far back there. What isn’t far back? Is the Gypsy Vanner. At least her great grand parent had a regal name. Pot of Gold. And Old White Mare is really just a distant relative.

I mean no disrespect to lovers of Gypsy Vanners. I really don’t. But finding out my horse, who I thought was a straightforward QH/TB cross is actually a QH/TB/GV cross was kind of totally mind blowing.

My first thought, once I composed myself? Well, now we know where her fetlock feathers come from.

And this really doesn’t change very much. She’s still Georgie. She’s still this rock solid mare that I love with all my heart. She’s still a horse that was bought at auction and is ready to take me Prelim.

I was going to keep this information secret but then I thought, “Celebrate your amazing, eventing, Gypsy Vanner, cross!” And I am telling everyone and now blogging about it.  So, thanks Emma for opening up this can of worms, I mean informative blog hop. I can’t wait to do some more research and see just how amazing Son of the Old Coal Horse was and how he came to such a noble name.



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14 thoughts on “Exploring Georgie’s Pedigree

  1. Karen M says:

    This has been … educational …

    Seriously, did not know GV could sneak in to Appendix QH pedigrees.

    Neat that Akurator is in there, though!

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  2. Karen M says:

    And I just noticed something else … I owned a Canadian TB that also had Ambiorix way back in his pedigree, which gives me a mini-research project for tomorrow 🙂

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  3. So, so interesting!!! How funny!
    My first horse was a PMU baby…I would have loved to know his pedigree!

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  4. Amanda C says:

    That can’t possibly be the right “pot of gold”… look at the birth year. Someone made a mistake when they entered that pedigree into the system. There’s also no fucking way Icecapade would have ever been bred to a gypsy banner LOL.

    This is the correct pedigree for Loto: http://www.pedigreequery.com/loto

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    • nadsnovik says:

      So, there are two databases with different info. One is pedigreequery and the other is allbreedpedigree. Is the TB database more accurate? It seems to be, and you’re right, she has a TB lineage all the way through. I did some more researching, and it appears her sire has been used as a sport horse stud for quite some time. He is a really popular sire in Colorado. So, I can’t imagine they are breeding a GV/TB cross.. your lineage seems more accurate…


      • Amanda C says:

        Anyone can enter whatever data they want into either database, but yes they’re different. If the person entering the pedigree enters it wrong, then it’ll just be wrong until someone fixes it. For TB bloodlines it’s always wise to verify the pedigree on Equibase, which is official.

        Have no fear, there is absolutely no Gypsy Vanner in Georgie, no way. Icecapade was a famous stallion, ain’t no way he ever covered a Gypsy Vanner. Not to mention that the year of birth is literally impossible on that one, unless some GV breeder also has a time machine. The pedigree query entry is the correct one.

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      • nadsnovik says:

        Thanks Amanda! I appreciate you being way more knowledgeable about this. I can’t say it wasn’t fun researching her pedigree. Now I’m on a hunt to see if there are other horses with her lineage out there!


    • Nicole says:

      Sounds like a gypsy vanner enthusiast went a little wild! I did think that the GV part of the pedigree looked fake when I was reading it, since there aren’t even any years on there.

      But I am sad that “son of the old coal horse” isn’t s thing now.

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  5. Emma says:

    Omfg this is glorious and fascinating and incredible and all the right ingredients for a salacious trip down the rabbit hole!! Too bad Amanda had to ruin it all by pointing out logic and rationalizing dates and stuff lol. I personally just love “Son of the Old Coal Horse” by “The Old Coal Horse”. Hahaha!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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