Dressage TOC

I know winter has arrived when our barn’s TOC series begins. I am certainly thankful for it, as it keeps me motivated and working hard despite not having an event to prepare for. I entered two tests. Prelim A, and the 2’6 Prix Caprilli. I’ve never done the Prix Caprilli, and whenever anyone says “jumping is just dressage over fences”, I roll my eyes, but seeing how this really WAS dressage over fences, I decided to give it a try. Plus, Georgie loves jumping and I knew she’d be game.


It’s so fun riding Georgie now. She’s adjustable and capable, and above all, strong. We’ve been working on having her poll in a higher frame. It’s hard, but we’re getting there. She didn’t put a foot out of place and did everything I asked. I was a bit disappointed in my riding. I could have asked Georgie for more and been more accurate. I feel a bit like I just enjoyed the horse I had, instead of taking things a bit more seriously. But, that’s ok. It’s the first dressage TOC of the season. Georgie and I still ended up having the best score for the test. The only comment the judge made was ” Too bad you can’t teach her to lengthen because otherwise you’ve got it!” Yeah. I am getting really frustrated by our lack of trot lengthen. But I’ll save that for another post… We got a 9 on our halt, a few 8s and it was a pleasing and fine test. I still think we can do way better, though. So that’s exciting!


Even from behind I can tell I do not like where my hands are in this photo

The Prix Caprilli is really fun, but really challenging. I practiced the test in my lesson earlier in the week and told Sarah I loved how it challenged my brain to do lots of different things! Georgie seemed to really enjoy it too, even though the couple of fences we did from the trot she thought were just weird. We got to leg yield to jumps, do lots of adjustment, work on staying up in the corners and make sure we had a steady, rhythmic test. I highly recommend doing one if you get the opportunity!


She can lengthen in the canter at least…Even with zero connection to the reins from me. Grr

I’m excited for where Georgie and I are at, but also know we have so much to work on. The work we have been doing has been tough for both of us. Sarah has been schooling some 3rd level movements with Georgie and she is so much stronger and capable than ever before. So, once again, I need to keep up with my horse and bring my 50%. I’m really excited to have this winter to work on it!

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4 thoughts on “Dressage TOC

  1. You guys look awesome!! Love having winters to build strength and progress training.


  2. Emma says:

    Tis the season for fun schooling. Dressage shows!!! The prix caprilli sounds awesome too – I’ve always wanted to do one!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. carey says:

    I am currently in the “keep up with my horse” boat, too. How come they can get fit faster than we can?

    Liked by 1 person

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